How To Delete Email Accounts (for Android)

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hey guys david here from bumble calm in

this video i'm gonna show you how to

delete an email account whether it's a

normal email account or a gmail account

off of your Android phone so the first

kind of email account to show you how to

delete is a regular one so what you

gonna do is go ahead and open up your

email client and hit the Menu key or

this guy right here and go to your

settings and from here you'll see your

list of usual accounts I only have one

I'll go ahead and tap on it and we're

gonna do is scroll down to the very

bottom and hit this remove account it

says are you sure you want to delete the

account hit OK and there you go I've

deleted it off my phone now for the

gmail account it works a little bit

differently you can't just go ahead and

open up the app so what you do is go

over to your phone settings and then go

over to the accounts and sync so what

I'm gonna do here is you can see I want

to delete this email account I gave this

click on it and then same thing what

you're gonna do is hit menu and then

remove account so I hit remove account

and this is are you sure and hit okay so

with the Gmail account you want to make

sure you actually want to do it because

it does delete all associated contacts

and calendar events with that gmail

account with your phone so it remove

account once your shirt and there you go

I am done it's off my phone that's

pretty much it for me in this videos

Dave Volcom thanks for watching it and

don't forget to visit for

more cell phone news reviews and how

to's thank you