Drop-down lists in Word: Insert, modify, use a format to style contents

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you are probably familiar with drop-down

lists from the web but you can also

insert the modify drop-down list in

Microsoft Word as you can see here a

list is essentially a drop-down list is

essentially a way to ristic and control

user input to a number of predefined

options that you defined it is a great

way to create a customer to conduct the

survey or in any other setting the

delight control and filter user input

now let's see how I can create format

and modify a drop-down place the mug the

world as you can see here you've already

created a drop-down list I want to

conduct a survey to ask users which

office after they use the most and give

them the ability to change to choose

from a drop-down list which office table

they use the list and how often they use

hafiz now let's see here how you can

create a drop-down list from the

beginning first of all you need to

enable the Developer tab in the ribbon

by going to the file menu options and

from the world options pop-out select

customize ribbon and make sure the

developer from the main tabs make sure

the Developer tab is checked click OK go

back to your document and now you should

be able to see the Developer tab in the

ribbon now from the controls section

click on drop down list cotton control

to insert a drop down list content

control and as you can see here you've

inserted a drop down list in our

document now click on properties

and you can give your lease the title

let's call this drop-down list as you

can see here the title is the text that

will appear here on the upper left

corner of your drop-down list you can

give it any that line you'd like of

course now from the drop-down list

properties you can add an item you can

add as many items as you'd like

click OK and from here again from the

drop-down list operators you can modify

and list item move it up or down and

even move it click OK and your list is

ready once again insert the drop down

content control and some of the control

sections click on properties and from

here you can add items to your list

modify them remove them and move them up

or down now as you've seen before for

this drop down list here in this

document have used a large blue font now

if you'd like to format the content

release the math surrounding text or

make them stand out he's hanging do so

once again with the river tablet on

properties and here may check user style

to format contents and select a style I

think I have created a new style here

click on new style let's call this list


you can select a font okay you can

select the font from here and font size

bold italic underlined and from here

here given more options from the format

button down here click on font and you

can see the font color let's say red to

make the contents of your list stand out

you can use another line style set once

again select a font font style the size

of your font let's click OK and as you

can see here the formatting of Harless

has changed we can change it to multi

sermon text or make it stand out or

style it any way that you like that's it

if you have any questions let me know