How to Delete a Drop-Down Box in Excel : Microsoft Excel Tips

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hi I'm Justin Conway

I'm Microsoft Excel expert I'm going to

walk you through the steps to remove

your drop-down box in Microsoft Excel so

let's take the excel sheet that I

currently have open and we have

dropdowns and column I here as you can

see different options so let's say I

want to keep the value apples in that

area but I want to delete the actual

drop-down so that nothing else can be

selected what I'll do is for this one

cell I'll go into data validate data

validation and now I'm accessing the

information that's held in that cell

right now I can change it from list

under the allow area to any value and

select okay and as you can see the data

apples is still available in that cell

but the drop-down is gone if you want to

perform this function for the entire

list of dropdowns that you have you can

go ahead and do that using the same

function the other way to do this is if

you want to remove all of the data and

what you would do is either right click

or if you're using a MacBook

two fingers on the mouse pad and click

with your thumb and that will give you

the option to clear contents that'll

just that'll just get rid of the data

that's in the drop-down and then you can

you can select different options in

there and that is how to remove the job

down from Microsoft Excel my name is

Justin Conway I hope you enjoyed