STOP Being Tracked by Life360 without ANYONE Knowing Right Now!

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what's up guys

welcome to this video today i will show

you how to stop

life 360 from tracking your location

without anyone knowing

as we all know life 360 is a platform

that allows every member in circle to

track their family or friends all the


however it's always uncomfortable that

being tracked or spied by someone

to stop being tracked by your family and

friends on life 360

the common way that people might do it

is turn off the gps signal of the phone

but once you do that it will alert other

group members

that you've gone off the grid is there

any way to stop

life360 from tracking you without anyone


yes the best way is to use a location


to fake your location if you want

everything to look normal

now i will show you how to do it before


let's check the current location first

see i am in washington right now to hide

your true location on life

360 what we're gonna do is download and


imyphone any two on your computer first

then open it and click get started

next connect your iphone to the computer

click trust and enter the passcode to

establish the connection


ok connected

at the top right corner there are three

modes allow you to use

to change your location and make your

group members believe you are somewhere


you have to select the third icon which

is the teleport mode

then pin the location on the map you can

also select a location by entering the


or coordinates according to your need

once a location is selected a sidebar

will pop up

all location information will be

displayed in here

finally click the move button that's it

your location on life 360 has been

changed to selected one right now

no one will get a notification about

this change you have already prevented

your location on life 360 from being

tracked by your group members

successfully great okay guys that's all

for today

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this video see you guys in the next

video bye