How to delete disk partition using Disk Management Windows 10

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how to remove disk partition using

windows Disk Management first I open

file explorer to show you the my disk I

have C Drive and then e drive and M

Drive I open Disk Management by

right-clicking Start button and choosing

this management here you can see the

same information like File Explorer but

in different way so I have n primary

partition my C Drive and extended

partition each I and M Drive I'm going

to remove first logical drives em Drive

and e Drive then remove X hundred

partition and at the end of this process

I'm going to add this free unallocated

space to my C Drive ok let's do it right

click on local Drive you want to remove

and choose delete volume then it's

coming a message

delete simple volume deleting this

volume will erase all that all data on

it back up any data you want to keep

before deleting do you want to continue

so if you have any data any files and

folders you want to keep just make a

backup by moving to your C Drive by

copping to extender external drive or to

your onedrive or anyplace on the

internet you keep your files so I have

done my backup on onedrive so I click

yes and I removed this camp I do the

same with my dis key right-click choose

delete volume then hit yes ok now I have

free space on this extended partition

but first I need to remove this

partition so this space will be an

allocated right click again and delete


this is like this is an expanded

partition the partition will become

inaccessible if you delete it

are you sure you want to delete this

partition yes now this place is

unallocated take a look at my file

explorer that my disk e and scam already

disappeared and I have space 23.3

gigabytes on my C Drive now I'm going to

add this unallocated space this nine

hundred megabytes I'm going to right

click on C Drive and then X and volume

it next 903 yes finish now my disk C

increased I'm going to refresh my file

explorer so now is twenty four point two

I just removed logical drives then I

remove this partition and I added

allocated space to my C Drive please

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