9 Secret Text Messages You Can Receive In GTA 5!

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the level of detail that rockstars put

into grand theft auto 5 is pretty insane

even down to the text messages you

receive in-game and that's what we're

gonna be talking about today 10 secret

text messages that you didn't know that

you could get that are definitely pretty

interesting and very wild we're gonna be

talking about how you go about getting

those text messages what they are and so

much more so the first set of rare text

messages you can get are gonna come from

our three main characters Michael Trevor

and Franklin and you can get them to

send you some pretty interesting stuff

by doing a variety of different things

the first pretty interesting thing is

literally go to one of their houses as

another character and start shooting

RPGs at their house if you do that

they'll send you a text message like

stop shooting RPGs at my house and then

they'll actually call you if you

continue to do it which kind of adds on

to it so that's one thing you can do

another thing you can do is actually

steal their car so for example if you're

franklin and you go to Michael's house

and you steal his car he'll send you a

text message saying why'd you steal my

car I'm calling the cops it's pretty

funny Michael would call the cops on

Franklin and another thing you can do to

get a pretty rare text message from the

main characters is kill them so whether

you shoot an RPG at them or you meet

them on the streets and you kill them or

you send them to the hospital they'll

send you a text message saying that

they're pissed and that you're gonna

have to pay for their hospital bill so

it really does seem as if Rockstar

prepped for every different scenario

here that you could possibly do to

another player in GTA 5 and I think

that's really funny again it just shows

you the level of detail the Rockstar put

into the story mode and the

single-player aspect of this game is

absolutely incredible now the rest of

the secret messages we're gonna be

talking about are going to be coming

from the booty calls which believe it or

not you need to complete at least one of

these in order to achieve a hundred

percent completion in GTA 5 so the more

you know if you haven't had a hundred

percent completion you actually will

have to do this so the first four secret

text messages you can get are all going

to come from the dancers or the

strippers in the game

sapphire Juliette Nikki and Infernus and

all of you guys know where to find them

you're going to go

the vanilla unicorn you're gonna request

a dance from either one of them and

during which the players can increase

the like meter of each dancer by

flirting or touching them during the

dance and when the meter is full you'll

have the option to take the stripper

home so that's what you can do and then

you will get them in your phone context

and you can do a booty call now when you

do that if you do that a significant

number of times you'll actually start to

receive text messages from these

strippers with some very lewd messages

and you guys can see some of them right


each stripper will send you three

different text message in a very

provocative way you could say and all of

them are going to be a little bit

different now what's also interesting is

you'll get some pretty crazy dialogue

with each one of the dancers like for

example one of the dancers sapphire

appears to have a nitrous addiction as

she'll constantly ask the protagonist if

they have any so those are the various

text messages you can actually get from

the strippers along with those photos

they will include some very interesting

dialogue as well and these will occur

after you have had a booty call session

with each one of them now the final two

text messages we're going to be taking a

look at today are also booty calls but

they're a little bit more different

they're both random events the first one

is for your Sula now in case you don't

know who your Sula is this is actually a

hitchhiker event that you have to do now

the background on her is pretty creepy

your Sula is a mentally unstable woman

possibly because she had an unhappy

childhood according to her comments

about her life her mother tortured her

by locking her in a basement and shaving

her hair her mother also forced her to

dress like a boy we also find out a

little bit later that her mother passed

away this along with her upbringing

caused her Sula to grow up mentally ill

making comments about her gardener

getting sick and falling off a cliff and

how the last person to pick her up

choked her to death on his own hand

implying that she killed both of them so

you actually have to find her sort of on

the Mount chiliad path and you'll

actually be able to take her to her

house which is at the El Gordo

lighthouse now if you do this

successfully she will add you as a

friend or add you as a person that you

can contact for a booty call

and if you

that you'll obviously be able to

interact with her the same way that you

can with something like one of the

strippers so again pretty cool she'll

send you three text messages as well

her story is just a little bit more

unique than going to the vanilla unicorn

and spending a various amount of cash on

one of the strippers so that's actually

pretty cool however one thing that's

pretty strange about her booty call is

the weather will turn rainy during the

aftermath of every single encounter with

her now whether this is an oversight by

the programmers are meant to humorously

symbolize that she's mentally unstable

is never unknown but I thought that that

fact was a little bit interesting

another fact about your Sula that you

might not know after dropping her off

for the first time before entering the

home she will stand behind Trevor or

Franklin's vehicle and take a photo of

it whether of the car the license plate

is unclear but be careful not to back

her over when this happens in the last

secret text message you can get comes

from Liz McKellen who is also a booty

call that you can eventually get

although hers requires you to do

something specific for Franklin so

Franklin can actually purchase the

downtown cab company and sometimes he'll

be called to do a special private fair

that Alonzo had requested now Franklin

would pick up Alonzo at the University

and take him to our Liz is stuck due to

her car being broken down now when

Franklin compliments Liz's attractive

appearance Alonzo gets out of the car

and it pulls Franklin out of the car to

fight him enraged at his comments now

after Franklin deals with Alonso Liz

will ask Franklin to take her to her

friend's apartment and essentially the

exact same thing happens here you become

friends you'll be able to add her as a

contact and then you can do the same

thing the booty call sequence and you'll

get once again three text messages from

her as well

very provocative in terms of the images

and of course what she actually says but

those are some pretty cool secret text

messages that you might not have known

you could receive as well now something

that's pretty funny is even though this

contact is only meant for Franklin if

you call as Michael or Trevor if you

know the phone number you'll actually

still be able to set up a booty call

with her which is kind of funny because

that would be so awkward since you don't

know them at all yet you're still

willing to do

but anyways that right there is nine

secret text messages that you might not

have known that you could receive in

Grand Theft Auto online now obviously

with the main characters there's a lot

of variations that you could receive and

I don't think we're ever gonna know all

of them because there's so many things

you could do what if you throw sticky

bombs at Michael's house versus RPGs I

mean it really is endless Rockstar was

incredibly creative in order to build

these into the game they're very cool

very interesting and a little bit wild

as well but anyways that's all the

information I've got for you guys in

this video today let me know if you've

experienced any one of these secret text

messages or maybe even one I didn't

mention in this video in the comment

section down below I'd love to hear from

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