How to cancel & delete domain name & Web Hosting

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it was guys this is me Rana and today's

video I just wanted to show you guys how

to cancel or delete your domain name and

hosting plan in the previous video I

assure you guys how to get free domain

and hosting plan for one year which is

still free but some of you think that it

not free anymore so today's video I

assure you that thing as well so watch

this video till the end and you will

find out those free plans okay so

basically today's topic is how to cancel

your domain and hosting plan so let's

get started so first of all I'm going to

show you are on this website free nom

so let's open this website free nhanh so

in this free nom you get a free domain

name as you saw in the previous video

okay so let's check out first free

domain I'm going to type music hip music

hop okay let's check the availability of

this domain first as you can see the

domain name is still free but you can

purchase these paid domain okay

so let's cancel the domain if you

already purchase a domain or you want to

cancel it

login first I'm going to sign in why are

my google account okay once you sign in

now go to services click my domains okay

so in the client area pick your domain

that you want cancel and I click this

manage domain along with this gear I can

now click management tools the drop down

menu will comes up collect this cancel

domain and click this cancel domain

again so I'm not going to cancel this

domain so this is how you can cancel

your domain name okay I'm going to close

this website because we done here I

showed you the free domain as well three

domains is still free

okay let's go to hosting er where you

got your free hosting plan in the last


I guess so now we are in hosting er and

dot in so some of you think that the

hosting er company doesn't provide free

hosting plan anymore but don't get me

wrong in the first page you want to see

any free plan but don't worry once you

log in you will see your free hosting

plan so click the member area and I'm

using my Google account again so now I'm

in my dashboard now hover over your

mouse on hosting girl and drop down menu

welcomes up and click all accounts so in

this page select your hosting plan so

I'm going to click in this plus icon and

click manage you will go to this

dashboard off that domain name now

scroll down click delete account now

tell them a brief reason behind why you

wanted to delete your hosting plan okay

now click delete your hosting plan so in

this case I'm not gonna delete my

hosting plan so this is how you can

delete your hosting plan so let me show

you hosting your company still provides

a free hosting plan so once you in this

all account now click this new hosting

account alright guys as you can see guys

hosting course still provide free plans

here the free plan here is a premium

plan and here is the business plan okay

select the free plan I'm going to click

order or I guess as you can see here

hosting is still provide full month

period free plan all right

zero price that's the pretty much it

guys I hope you really enjoy today's

video and

I also showed you guys how to cancel at

least you're hosting and domain name and

I also assure you guys that hosting and

domain is still free in India so if you

have any questions regarding this video

feel free to ask me in the description

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the way so thank you so much for

watching this video see you guys and

next time