How to Save a Document in Word Online

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in this video we're gonna look at how to

save a document from the word online

that is available through your school

email so right here I have my document

that I typed out and so when I'm

finished you would want to go to file

click save as normally if you were using

word just on a computer you would click

save as but what you're gonna do in this

situation is go down here to download a

copy so click download a copy this box

is going to pop up this is your document

is ready click here to download your

document so you're gonna click that link

and it really depends on your browser

whether or not it just automatically

opens in Word or if you're able to save

a file so we'll kind of look at both so

if you want to save the file just click

ok pick where you want to save it I'm

gonna save it to the desktop

and then click Save and then you should

be able to view your saved document on

your desktop which is right there and

this is the one that you can email out

to your instructor you can submit this

one to blackboard and so the other

version so if you decide to click here

to download your document if you want to

open it in Microsoft Word or if it

automatically opens in Microsoft Word

it's gonna look like this so word should

automatically open up if you want to

save it now you would need to click

enable editing go to file click save as

and then here you can save your document

to the desktop and once again go back to

the desktop right there is the document

that you should be able to upload into

blackboard or email to your instructor