How to Clear the Printer Queue/Spooler In Windows 7/8/10

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hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here for another tutorial today

I'm gonna be show you how to clear your

print spooler in Windows 10 so if for

some reason you have a lot of backed up

jobs for a certain printer and you're

looking to clear that out this tutorial

is going to be for you guys so just to

show you guys what I mean if I navigate

over to Devices and Printers

and I see that I have my Canon printer

installed and I right-click on it and

then I'll of go and see what's printing

I see I have two documents that are

stock trying to be printed so we're

gonna have to clear that out so we're

gonna close out of here and now we're

gonna hand underneath services should be

listed right above desktop app so left

click on that so just be patient might

take a moment for the window to open up

so now on the services window we want to

head down to print spooler should be on

the left side so look for print spooler

right here so right click on it and then

the left foot one-stop so the service

was stopped now we want to do is head

over to Start menu type in hidden files

and folders and it should be listed

right above the control panel where it

says show hidden files and folders

left-click on this make sure that this

circle is filled in next to show hidden

files folders and drivers and then left

we want apply and ok now we want to do

is head back to start button left click

on it now what we want to do is head

over to file explorer


when a left click on local desk should

be the C Drive in most cases double

click on Windows

scroll down this listen to get the

system32 double-click on system 32 here

now you want to scroll down till you get

the spool SP ool right here so double

click on this file folder double-click

on the folder this is printers if you

says you don't have permission asses

this folder left click on the continue

button right here so now we see we have

print entries in here you want to just

highlight over all of them and then

either using your keyboard or your mouse

right click and delete them we want to

get rid of these now you can close out

of here go back to the Start menu type

in services should begin be listed above

the desktop app entry so left click on

that go down to print spooler left click

on start the service at the top left

here or you can right click and then go

underneath properties doesn't really

matter so we're going to start up the

service again

and at this point everything should be

good to go for you guys so we just

cleared the print spooler and go ahead

try and print out some documents and see

if that will helps you guys out so again

I like all my tutorials I hope this one

helped you guys out and I will catch you

in the next video goodbye