QuickBooks Video Tip: Editing And Deleting a QuickBooks Deposit

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how's it going I'm 1 Metro bears from

Salt Lake City bookkeeping today I'm

going to do a quick video demonstration

on how to edit or delete a QuickBooks

deposit I'm going to go over how to edit

a deposit fixing incorrect deposit and

then how do you deal with this

undeposited funds account in QuickBooks

so if we switch over our sample company

here Vandelay industries first thing

I'll show you I'll do is edit a deposit

so if you go into your bank account and

find a deposit and your deposit will do

at this point and you just right click

on it you can hit edit deposit in this

instance I'm going to show you how to

just change a deposit that was not done

through invoicing so you just saw

something hit your bank and you code it

to sales if you edit it like we do you

can change that account let's say you

want a little more detail this was

actually an import sale so we'll code it

to that and we'll hit save and that just

does that very easily for you

the undeposited funds deposits a little

bit different and that is the deposit

that's done through invoicing receiving

payments and recording deposits that's a

standard procedure in QuickBooks and

when you handle things that way which

you probably should in a lot of cases

it's going to put that into undeposited

funds I have a separate video on explain

the underpot deposited funds account and

how it works in this instance I'm going

to show you how to get rid of let's say

that this deposit this deposit was done

incorrectly we can edit the deposit and

if we try and change it to that sales

like we did

QuickBooks gives us this error that you

can't do this because it was done

through invoicing and received payments

so you need to delete the payment from

the deposit go to the original payment

and then redeposit the payment so we'll

do that now what's telling you to do is

delete this deposit and a lot of people

get scared with this step because they

think it's out of QuickBooks completely

but it's not um what happens is

QuickBooks will then just kick this back

into the deposited funds window so if we

go here to record

deposits will see our payment there

let's say that this was either applied

to the incorrect customer or invoice or

whatever we can go find this payment to

Kruger industrial smoothing on 7-eleven

so what we'll do is go into the customer

center under Kruger and we see this

payment on 7-eleven you can then drill

into it and you can save it to a

different customer or maybe what we want

to do in this case is say hey that was

applied to the wrong invoice we actually

need to apply to this invoice and hit

save and close all that's changed is how

that payment is applied and you can just

go ahead and record that deposit per

normal and it goes back into your bank

so I'll just show you that real quick so

it's back in here applied to the correct

invoice so this is a real quick video

demonstration there on how to edit and

delete a QuickBooks deposit if you have

question on this or anything QuickBooks

or bookkeeping related feel free to

reach out have a good day