How To Delete A Name From The Name Box In Microsoft Excel

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this is James Fox once again with

another video tutorial for Microsoft

Excel in this tutorial we're going to

learn how to manage names in the name

box right here I have some information

here this is just some random

information I have payment one of two

thousand payment two of seven thousand

and so on and so forth now what I'm

going to do is name this particular cell

cell b4 where the monetary amount is I'm

going to name this cell payment one and

I'm going to name the cell beneath it

payment two now there cannot be any

spaces when you type in a name in the

name box now the neat thing about the

name box after your name is hell is that

if you want to enter in the name in a

formula you can for example if I type in

the equal sign here and then type in

payment one I can select it hit enter

and as you can see the number 2000 comes

up because it's the equivalent of what's

been typed in this cell here I'm going

to do the same thing for payment too and

I have 7000 now the neat thing about

this is that if I change this cell

this cell will also change to the same

number now the way you manage these

names if you need to delete a name is

that you click on the formulas tab click

on name manager and the name manager

dialog box comes up and you select which

name you want to edit or delete and I'm

going to delete both of them and just

click close and now I do not have any

names in the name box and that's how you

delete names in your name box if you

have any questions please email me

once again this is james fox and i'll

see you next time