How to Remove a Table from Excel

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okay I'm gonna show you how to remove a

table in Excel if you want to figure out

insert one you can check out my other

video on that if you want to learn more

about tables in general you can check

out my video on sorting and

alphabetizing in Excel but for now we're

just gonna say you got a table you want

to get rid of it all I'm gonna do is

highlight the table right click on it go

to table down here towards the bottom

and convert to range it's gonna confirm

that I want to do this and I do so there

we go now it's no longer a table you can

see it's still formatted as a table if

you want to get rid of that just click

over here into any empty cell you're

gonna go over here to the format painter

on your Home tab this button right here

click on it so that cell is dancing it

means it's copied all I have to do is

select the cells I want to paint that

format to there we go