Delete Credit Memo Quickbooks Online

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hello and welcome to another episode of

quickbooks online tutorials my name is

Enoch Garcia the founder of honest

accounting group a business management

accounting firm in Los Angeles

California today were gonna discuss how

to delete a credit memo in QuickBooks

Online is very easy let's go to where a

credit memo is in our example for the

first two videos he's been Amy's

sanctuary bird sanctuary and here is the

invoice we have the credit memo applied

to but we want to delete this for X

reason let's double click the credit

memo there's all the details that we've

entered we're gonna hit more down here

and hit delete are you sure you want to

delete the reason this comes up is

because letting you know hey you've

applied this already to another invoice

so if you delete it it's gonna be

unapplied from that invoice so it's a

good warning for in case this was a

mistake you could just hit no but if you

do want to delete it to say yes and now

you see that the invoice does not have

any payments any credits

any nothing applied to it so this

invoice is ready to receive full payment

hope this was helpful if you like this

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