How To Delete A Facebook Group 2019

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hey everyone how's it going it's me Jen

and in today's video I wanted to show

you how to delete the Facebook group

that you no longer want but before I do

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second I upload my videos so now let's

get started once you're into the group

that you no longer want you need to come

over here where the members are and you

click on the six members go down and

once the three dots are at you click it

click on that and you say remove from

group now you have to do this from all

of your friends just make sure when

you're removing the members you remove

yourself last because you'll see why

okay so remove your members and yet it's

tedious but once it's done it's really

easy so


okay so once you've done that come up to

here and press leave root and then

you'll get this box it says are you sure

you want to leave hot affordable trends

since you're the last-minute member

leaving now we'll also delete the group

and you press leave and delete and there

you go you just deleted your group but

first you have to remove all your

members before you delete a group so as

tedious as that is that's how you do it

so I hope this video helps if it has

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today's video I hope you all have a good


peace out see you the next one bye