How To Delete A Language In DuoLingo (IOS & Android)

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Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial  on removing a language on Duolingo.  

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If you are learning multiple languages on  Duolingo it is easy to delete your languages,  

however if you only have one language it is not as  easy. I will show you the workaround I have found.

If you are learning multiple  languages then skip this first  

step. If you are only learning one  language and want to delete it,  

you basically just need to add a new language  so you can delete the language you want.

To do this, tap on the flag in the top left  corner and then tap the ‘plus course’ button.

Pick any language. Then you  need to do the first lesson  

of that language. It will only take a minute,  but the workaround wont work otherwise.

Now that you have two languages. You  can continue to the deleting step.

Tap on the user icon in the  middle of the bottom menu bar.

Then tap on the settings  cog in the top right corner.

Scroll down to ‘manage courses’ and tap on it.

If you only have one language that you are  learning, this option will not be on the list.

Here, there is a list of all the  courses you are currently taking,  

to delete a course simply tap on it. Be warned  that once you delete a course all of your progress  

will be erased and you can't undo this. If  you're sure, then tap ‘Delete’ on the popup.

Now that I only have one language, if I go  back to that menu. You can see the option  

to ‘manage courses’ has disappeared. Hence  the workaround of adding a new language.

If I tap on the flag now, you can  see that french has been deleted.

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