How to Delete Corrupted files in Windows!

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hey guys this is Casey in today's video

I'm going to show you guys how to delete

corrupted files on your Windows machine

I'm having these problems on my machine

and when I try to delete them this

message keeps popping up let me try and

use the shift button + delete Oh

so the message keeps appearing alright

in this video I'm going to show you how

to get rid of this ugly files by using

command prompts so let's launch command

prompt I'm gonna type in CMD in your

search bar


and from your command prompt window you

can see that a current drive path is in

the drive seat that's basically the

operating system now you have to switch

drive because our files are located in

the drive each to do this just type in

the H and the column and hit enter the

Swiss the drive the path now let's run a

check this command on the drive and see

if is actually operating smoothly so

let's then run a check this that the CH

key D S key

all right from our resource we can we

can see that most of the files are

corrupted and so let's try and fix them

using the fixed option so we tried chk

des key space /f and hit enter now we've

provided answer yes or no question just

hit a yes does the why and hits enter

I think we are done

and from this windows has made

correcting to the fascist them no

further action is required so less than

delete aha and see what I to goof

so drive each and it's off alright

thanks for watching