How to delete chats and messages in Microsoft Teams

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hey everybody brandon velia rollo here

for tech republic and today i want to

talk about deleting

messages and chat histories uh in

microsoft teams

uh unfortunately this isn't something

that you really have a lot of control

over there are ways to do it and there's

also ways to hide things from view so

that you don't have to see them

cluttering up your screen

but deletion is another thing altogether

and that's by design in in teams

microsoft built teams so that it's kind

of a

permanent record of collaboration in a


so whenever you make a post in a team's


or have a private chat that information

gets backed up to outlook online

and it's stored there sort of as a


continuity record um and it's also for


you know someone can't go in there and

delete messages that are unfavorable or

delete things that might have been

against policy

all that information is stored and saved


of the individual user

so really you don't have the option to

like delete the entire chat history of a


um you can delete certain channels

uh and and delete messages that you post

but really that's about it so as a

starting example i'm going to show you


in this test channel that i've created

i've got this post here that i made

and a response by my other dummy account

for testing and if i mouse over this one

here that is the one that i posted

with this account and i click on these

three dots

i can see the delete option if i click

on that

it'll show up like this now and anyone

else in this channel will see the same

thing they'll see that a message has

been deleted

and that's basically it they'll have no

context as to what it was but anything

underneath it response wise

that's gonna stay you can't delete that

if it wasn't you that posted it

if i responded to this comment myself

again then i could delete that message

as well but because i didn't create this

particular response

you'll see if you expand this here you

won't have the option to delete it

that's only available to the messages


that is unless you are a microsoft 365

admin on an enterprise level teams


you can delete the posts from other


um but that's something you know you're

going to have to really weigh whether or

not you want to be able to do or whether

you want to do

it's best used in situations where

someone's breaking posting rules or

being inflammatory

otherwise this is designed to kind of be

a record

if you're the owner of a channel

so say this test channel for example you

can delete that as well if you mouse

over click these three dots you'll see

delete this channel down at the bottom

and that'll just wipe the channel out uh


from this particular team's uh company

you cannot delete the general channel

that's permanent and with good reason

that's supposed to be the sort of

company-wide general place

for people to chat another alternative

if you are worried about stuff

cluttering up your view

is you can hide them and go in there and

click hide and it'll it'll knock that

off your screen

until you actually go to filter or add

edit or try to resubscribe to it again

i'll show you that in a chat that makes

it a little easier to see here

so you see here this is my chat with me

again uh

and this is a private one-to-one chat

not a channel this is just a

direct discussion between two people

again you can go in here and delete your

own messages

from that private chat but you cannot

delete those

from another user you can't delete the

whole chat either

so this is probably where people might

get concerned about a real build up

of clutter here if you're chatting with

some of the app bots that you've added

to teams or you've got a whole bunch of

messages from other users

you know maybe someone's left the

company or someone that you don't chat

with very often or you haven't had to

chat with for a while and it's just

taken up space

you can hide those conversations you

cannot delete them

so mouse over them like this click there

and then you'll see hide in this case

this one was hidden by me before so i'm

going to unhide it and then re-hide it

again so you can see what that looks


so i click hide and that'll disappear it

still exists

it's just not on that board if you want

to get something back on your screen you

click chat

new chat and then enter the name of the

person you were previously chatting with

and it'll bring it back up and after a

few seconds it'll it'll

kind of sync here and you'll see it as

being a recent chat there

and if you want it to not go away after

a while you're going to want to go back


and unhide it beyond that there's really

not a lot you can do

to control the deletion of chat uh

it's pretty restricted pretty locked

down as to what individuals can do

and like i said that's kind of by design

um you can delete individual messages

that you've posted you can delete

channels that you own and you can hide

things that you don't want to see that

you don't want cluttering up your view

beyond that unfortunately teams is

designed to be a living record

that doesn't get replaced or deleted

it sticks around for the life of the

company for tech republic i'm brandon

villarollo be sure to stay tuned to for more tips and

tricks just like this one