How Do I Remove a Contact on LinkedIn

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people sometimes ask me how do I remove

a connection I have unlinked it there is

a really cool way to do that in which

you don't even go to that person's

profile you see that would be the

temptation wouldn't it I'm just gonna go

and look at Joyce's profile and there's

these three dots and the top right

you'll figure it out you'll see remove

connection but here's a danger in doing


Joyce could be notified that you have

looked at her profile maybe you don't

want that you want to do this just under

the radar here's what you do I decided

the person that I would like to remove

is Ashley OS daughter you spell her name

a sh l ey right Ashley stacker that's

the one I want to remove because we just

aren't hitting it off anymore and the

temptation is go to her profile and I

looked at this before look at that three

dots and remove the connection but uh-oh

this is not a good idea as it turns out

because Ashley can be notified I looked

at her profile yanks what to do here's

the trick you want instead to go to my


yes that's my network up there in the

top now we'll go over to see aw it's a

hyperlink right under your connection

see aw so we click on that now we're

going to see all the connections you

could go search your name there but

don't do that

no what we're going to do is sort in

this case I've sorted my first name and

I'm searching down and looking and

looking for Ashley now you will see

quite a few people because yes I do have

quite a few connections so we'll look

down and down and down till and we get

to Ashley because then it'll be super

easy to remove her connection and now we

really aren't even technically going

into her profile at all so that whoops

gone too far here got to go back and

find the right one where she will get

her here

Ashley stacker she's coming right up

we've got her now no we're not gonna

click on issue no no no we're going over

to those

three little dots you see them right

next to message kind of gray you can

miss them you click on those dots these

are the right dots and then you would

click on remove connection see how easy

that is now Ashley's not know what to

find we have no longer connected to

Ashley if we click on remove connection

if you have a question you would like to

see answered just put it in the comments

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to you with an answer