How To Delete Contacts On iPhone

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hey what's up guys and welcome to a

predications daily tech tips and in

today's video we're learning how to

delete contacts on your iPhone

now deleting contacts on the iPhone is

still one of those things that you'd

think that after all this year's Apple

would have made it easier and a little

bit more intuitive but that's not the

case even in iOS 12 or 13 for those

who've installed batein there's no

simple way to delete a contact on your

iPhone you still have to go to the

contacts app which you can find in the

menu right there or better still you can

just stop on the dialer icon and then

tap on contacts and that should open for

you your contacts list now in the

contacts list you can now select the

contract that you want to delete and

then just tap on it once to open the

contact page then on the top right side

tap on edit and then scroll all the way

down until you find the delete contact

button so you want to tap on that once

confirm you want to delete that contacts

and that contact is going to be deleted

just like that now that's a simple way

of deleting a contact or two contacts or

even three contacts from your iPhone but

when you have a lot of contacts that you

want to delete then this is not the way

to do it but chances are you're signed

in to your iPhone using an Apple ID and

therefore you can log into your computer

to iCloud using this same Apple ID and

use it to delete multiple contacts or

your contacts if you want so grab a

computer or a laptop and go to iCloud so

simply just go to iCloud calm and then

signing in the same Apple ID that you've

signed in on your iPhone

and what's the sign being click on

contacts and you see all the contacts on

your iPhone also stored in an iCloud

account now right here as usually can

delete one contact if you want to simply

select the contacts click on this cog

icon in the bottom left side and then

select delete select multiple contacts

for deletion simply hold down the

control key on your keyboard and then

select all the contacts that you want to

delete and keep scrolling and selecting

all the contacts you want to delete

until you have all the contacts there

and then go get into the cog icon at the

bottom left and then click on delete and

confirm you want to delete all those

contacts I'm not going to leave mine cuz

I mean now if you actually only a

contacts from your iPhone simply hold

ctrl a to select all the contacts and

then once again go to that option select

delete and it's going to ask you if you

want to confirm to delete all the

contacts that's how to delete multiple

contacts from your iPhone thanks for


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