How To Delete Contacts iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, and 4 With iOS 7

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hey everyone this is Dan from D H TV and

today I have another beginner video for

you guys on how to delete contacts with

the iPhone 4 4 s 5 5c basically any

iPhone that's using iOS 7 now this was a

requested video from a lot of different

users so I'm not sure what the problem

is because it's very simple so if you

have a problem or don't see exactly what

I'm seeing on my screen let me know in

the comments and I'll help you out

individually so let's get started

all right so removing contacts is very

simple the first thing you need to do is

open up your phone app from here

basically all you do is tap on the

contacts section at the bottom and from

here you just select the contact you

want to delete now I've created a fake

one called AAA with a bunch of A's and

we'll go ahead and tap on that and now

to delete it all you have to do is tap

Edit scroll all the way down to the

bottom and you'll see in red it says

delete contact it'll give you a prompt

to ensure you want to delete this

contact you just tap it again and now

that contact is no longer in your

contact list now I don't know

everybody's individual issue with this

but I think a lot of people are

incorporating their Facebook contacts in

with their regular contacts or their

email contacts and things like that and

there is a way to go around this you

need to disable the contacts from

Facebook to your actual contact list so

don't have them joining with each other

so you could probably do that within the

settings of Facebook here I mean you

can't really do anything I can't really

show you any because I don't have

Facebook but if you guys have facebook

and your contacts are being imported

from Facebook to your contact list you

can do it throughout the Facebook

settings within the app or even check

this section that I just brought you to

right here but let me know in the

comments if this doesn't work for you

and give me a detailed explanation of

what's happening and then all basically

just go through it for you if I have to

install or get Facebook just to help you

I will do that anyway guys that's how

you delete contacts with the iPhone

running iOS 7 if you liked it or found

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any questions let me know thanks for

watching again guys I will see you next