How to Delete a Marco Polo Video - Marco Polo App

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to delete a video in the Marco Polo app

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below let's get started so before we

take a look at how to delete a video

maybe let's figure out how we can save a

video and also forward a video so let's

go to the syndicate here and let's say I

want to get rid of this video and you're

right inauguration day you gotta use the

American trophy okay so let's say before

deleting this video I want to save it to

my son so what I'm going to do is long

press that video tile right here and up

comes a pop up menu so as you can see

the second from the top here is save

video and I'm going to click save video

and save it to my movie okay so now

that's saving the video let's say I

wanted to forward it to another user

again pull that chat tile and then I am

going to forward you there's a top

option there forward to and these are my

my people here so I'm going to forward

it to DeJesus and then I'm going to

click Next and there I've sent it okay

and finally as you probably have figured

out already to delete I'm going to go

about it the same way I'm going to hold

that chat tile and

the last option on the bottom of course

delete this polo and here it's saying

that it's letting me know that Marco


doesn't store videos necessarily on your

hard drive or on your phone so you don't

necessarily have to delete it but let's

just say you don't want any information

out there or you said something that

maybe you shouldn't have you don't want

the other person to see it you can go at

hit delete there you go

now that polo is gone forever Marco Polo

indicates in their privacy notices that

the information does or the video does

go off their servers whether that's true

or not we're not sure but at least the

other person who is receiving that polo

will never get to receive it because

we've deleted it if you like this video

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