How to Delete Multiple or All Contacts in Android Phone (No App)

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hi there welcome to MJ tube in this

video I will show you how to delete

multiple or all contacts from your

Android phone maybe you are facing some

problem to delete multiple contacts when

you go to open your dialog here you can

see it will not allow you to delete the

multiple contact so for this go to your

proper contacts here just open the


and now just hold any contact for few

seconds and you will get this option to

select the multiple contact like this

okay so after you select yes go to your


and just simply tap on till it so this

this will help to select and read

multiple contact but if you want to

delete all contact from your phone there

is no option available to delete all

contact in your fault by default but you

can do one trick go to setting

then go to apps or app manager here

and go to all apps they just search for


of the leg massage is contact

oh it's loading hiya

so here the contact should tap on the



now go to historic

from here tap on the clear data and

click Gacha menu tap on the Killa data

it will delete your all contact from

your Android phone so hope this clip

will help you to delete all contact from

our Android phone if you want you can

use any third-party application from the

Play Store to delete inter contact and

find the duplicate contact all this but

this is a trick to delete all contact

without using any app so thanks for

watching see next video please like

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