QuickBooks Edit Company Information

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hi there so in this video I'm going to

show you how to edit your company

account in QuickBooks so the first thing

that you need to do is you have to open

your company from the list here I just

have one company listed here so I'm

going to open it if you have a multiple

then you have to choose from that list

and after that it will backup our

database and then loads it after some

time okay now when it comes to editing

your complete information you can edit

various part so let's take a look at how

your company can be anything so go to

the company menu then my company there

here it shows you the information about

your company okay now on the right hand

side it will show you your product

information and if you have signed in to

your account with QuickBooks okay and on

the left hand side here you see your

company name for fax email and website

okay same on the right hand side this

information can be edited just click on

icon here you can add address get add

country okay

simply your website let's say the UNAMI

Commons website then info and

denominator comm is email okay so

information such as that can be added

with fax number phone number okay as

well then legal information here you can

add address

state country and your state code and

you are it's a good company

identification if you have erm you're in

the US then you have the

and an SSN if you're in any other

country then you'll have perspective

information which may change depending

on your country chosen now report

information here first month in your

fiscal year is January however in some

cases it starts from April which is

financial year yeah when you can change

payroll tax information here you can add

the person to contact his title and his

phone number you can click on ok and

that information will be updated

ok at the bottom you will have options

like turn on payroll credit cards or the

cheques QuickBooks Enterprise and ransom

entry and App Center okay so we will

take a look at those later for now I've

shown you how to edit your company

information simply go to company menu

then my company yeah then you can now

click on this close button here ok and

you will come back to the home page so

this was a short video on how to edit

add remove company information in

QuickBooks account