QuickBooks POS: Delete Old Company File

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hey there folks Peter here with Black

Rock business welcome to the channel

today in today's video for QuickBooks

point of sale I am going to tell you how

you can completely delete a company that

is in the point of sale I do see people

from time to time who've done numerous

company operations or different

iterations of their company or restored

from backup and they end up with a big

long list of old companies that they're

not using anymore and they sometimes

they can accidentally get selected and

they get in the way in you're suddenly

using the wrong company or your employee

is and it's a big mess because all of

your sales are going into the wrong


well let's clear that up today before we

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let's just take a look here at an

example of a lot of companies I went on

the file menu to company operations and

here you can see I have all sorts of

different companies in my drop-down list

and so if I were an actual store owner

who was using QuickBooks point-of-sale I

might get a little concerned that my

employees may accidentally get into the

wrong company and so I would want to

make sure to clear out any old companies

that I'm not using anymore and here is

how you can do that so we are going to

go into the fold there's File Explorer

whatever you'd like to call it so that

you can navigate on your computer and

you go to go to the C Drive and users

and public

and then public documents now you're

gonna find into it and I'll I'll

reiterate this path again in a moment

now you're gonna choose the QuickBooks

point of sale folder hopefully you

probably only have one or two depending

on how many versions of QuickBooks you

have had QuickBooks point of sale the

latest version right now is 18 so I will

go there and then we're gonna go to the

data folder now in the data folder each

one of these folders represents a

company and I'm just gonna make this big

here now before I delete one of these

companies I'm gonna have to close down

the QuickBooks point-of-sale database

manager which is the software that's

running in the background that's

allowing point-of-sale as well as other

machines on your network with

point-of-sale to access the database in

order to do that you're probably going

to want to close all of the programs the

point-of-sale programs that are running

whether they're on this computer or on

different client computers so I'm just

gonna close my point-of-sale today I

think I'm going to get rid of silly

Sally so I'm gonna go on the Start menu

and type in services you're gonna have

trouble deleting these if your

QuickBooks point-of-sale database

manager service is running so once you

get up services here I'm gonna hit Q to

get to the Q area I can see that I have

a lot of different QuickBooks

point-of-sale database managers running

of course I'm working on 18 so I'm gonna

right click there and hit stop it's

gonna take a moment and you'll see that

the status on my database manager

disappears which means it's not running

at all and as soon as I've done that the

database manager will have released its

control over all of the company files

and now I can easily just hit delete on

the silly Sally folder and now that it

is deleted and it is gone you know if I

wanted to really clear it up I could

delete many many

these but otherwise you just get rid of

the ones that you don't want anymore

that are hanging around like bad news

and come back to your service for the

database manager whatever version you're

on and hit start this will start the

database manager back up and in turn

that will allow us to once again launch

QuickBooks point-of-sale and in a moment

here you will see that actually I can

just exit this that would go right back

into the company I was in but if I just

want to take a shortcut here I'm gonna

head to company operations and you'll

see that I no longer have silly Sally as

a company so all those folders that are

in that directory you can delete the

ones that you no longer want and once

again the path there for that excuse me

was users public documents Intuit

QuickBooks point-of-sale whatever

version you're on and the data folder

there thanks for coming along in this

little video and learning how to delete

all of the extra companies you have if

you have any extra companies that you've

produced or made over the years inside

your point-of-sale might be good to get

rid of them so you don't trip yourself

up by accidentally enabling them or

stepping into them and start making

sales you don't want to do that my name

is Peter with Blackrock business thanks

for coming along if this was helpful to

you go ahead and hit that like button

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you feel like talking a little bit and

we'll see you in the Facebook group you

have a good day now bye bye