How to Delete Comments on Instagram from Computer

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in this video I'm going to show you very

quickly how to delete comments on your

Instagram account from your computer now

for several individual reasons some

people prefer to use Instagram on their

Mac or PC devices and as you might have

seen here on YouTube many people have

different walk-around ways to use

Instagram on their desktop you'll find

some of such walkaround ways to grow

your Instagram account directly from

your computer by following the playlists

that will pop up on the top right of

this video but for today we'll be

looking at deleting comments on

Instagram from your computer now there

are two ways to go about using Instagram

on your computer the most common way

I've been seen on most YouTube videos

here on YouTube is by using the Chrome

browser but there is a second way which

is by using the Instagram license app

for desktops let's first start with the

Chrome browser method and towards the

end I'm going to show you how to get the

Instagram desktop app from Microsoft to

get started with the Chrome browser

method you have to open up Instagram on

your Chrome browser and log in now I

want you to take note here that I'm

using the Chrome browser I don't know if

this works on other browsers now you

want to right-click on any empty space

where there is no text or image and from

the drop down options select inspect

that will now open up this HTML code

element now on some browsers the code

might appear some way below but we don't

need to do anything with the code what

you want to do is click on this device

toolbar here at the top and as you do

that you see the size of the Instagram

app changing so you want to go with a

small size image because that would be

the mobile mode now if you notice the

futures that normally appear here below

on your mobile app are not available to

make it available you simply just have

to refresh the page and now you can

start using Instagram just like you

normally do on your mobile devices so to

delete the comments you just have to go

to the post where the comment e

click and press on the comment when you

do that this pop-up will appear and now

you can select the delete option and

your comments will be deleted now the

second method is simply by using the

Microsoft license Instagram app for

desktop or pcs


so now you can go ahead and delete the

comment just like we did with the chrome

version and that's how easy it is to

delete comments from Instagram directly

from your computer and again I hope this

short video was helpful if so hit the

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