How To Cancel Chegg (2020)

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hello guys how's everyone doing today

i'm going to teach you how to delete

your check prescription

and the last time i did this it didn't

go well for me and i

kind of got a little backlash because i

didn't show it properly on my

phone and they confirmed would cancel

and i went on the wrong

link and this time i figured out where

to go

i'm going to teach you the way


we have to first go to my account

when you go there go to orders do not

click on assets now if you've already

downloaded this image

it could be a major google play or an

app store but

this is on managing google play so i'm

just going to click on there

once you put it there well


it will give you this but it's okay

trust me on this

no go to manage

then you would find the word cancelled


click on it and then they're gonna give

you the answer on why

uh just say you're gonna use the others

or decline to answer

but for you guys say you can pick

anything you like but i'm just going to

pick what is more important

so here you go once you're done

they're going to give you this click on


and you are clear i hope this helps out

for anyone that's trying to figure out

the cancer

subscription and i hope this i hope you

share this to everyone that if we're

having problems

there you go so yeah

hope this helps out for everyone like


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