How To See & Delete All Your Comments On Facebook Posts

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hey guys trevor here and in this video

i'm gonna show you how to see and delete

all your comments on facebook posts at

once so there's a place where you can go

and you can see the laundry list of all

the comments that you've made on posts

and then you can just go through and

delete whichever ones you want it's

pretty quick and easy so let's jump

right in first i have facebook open here

i'll just tap the three lines on the

bottom right and then if you scroll down

under settings and privacy you can tap

settings and then again scroll down to

activity lock and we'll go to that

activity log this gives you a laundry

list of all the activity that you've had

on facebook but you can tap filters at

the top right and then categories and

then what you can do is you see the

third option is interactions likes

reactions comments and more so we'll tap

that and it will open up up the option

to just filter on comments here so this

will show all the comments that we've

made on facebook you know through time

you can see all the way back to 2017

basically you can go through on all of

these let's just go to one of the recent

ones and tap the three dots and then you

can see view if you just want to view

that comment or you can delete so it's

that easy you can just tap the delete

button and it will delete that comment

of course you can also view that

person's profile so you can make sure

that you know kind of what that comment

means in context but here you see all

the comments we can just tap on

whichever ones you want and delete those

so pretty quick and easy as i said let

us know if you have any questions in the

comments below and make sure to

subscribe thanks