Photoshop Tutorial: Removing One Color/Background! The Easy Way! (Beginner)

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good afternoon guys it's Gary and timid

guys a Photoshop tutorial for beginners

teaching guys how to basically select

one color and taking it away the most

proper way getting the cleanest line

cuts and no making it the best quality

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overall let's get right into the

tutorials so in Photoshop because

they're just gonna open up anything and

this is really used for making pngs and

making for logos and a lot of people use

this just to take out backgrounds of

like magazines or take a you know a

certain color of something and it's

really easy to do a lot of people you

know mistaken it for being a lot harder

I know a lot of people that actually

take the time and you know grab that up

then the zoom tool excuse me grab your

pen tool and you know pen tool each line

out each letter out and you know it does

get you know kind of really boring

because you know you gotta like get the

perfect lines done and they need to go

back over here and it's not a fun job to

kind of pen tool a whole entire logo out

especially when the logo is not like

properly like completed or in your doing

like a magazine or a collage just like

that but uh basically that's one way to

doing it is pen tooling it I do not

advise that another ways if you grab

this magic wand up here I'm everyone in

school teaches to do this you know kind

of just drag it around and don't get me

wrong this isn't a bad idea but when I

hit ctrl X you know it does leave like a

fuzzy white line around everything and

especially if we want to take out let's

just say the red inside of here

it's gonna take out a lot more than just

that red or gonna take out let's just

say the just orange it's gonna take out

but it's gonna leave that big fuzzy

blurry line around everything so this is

a way to get around it all and it's a

really easy way if you guys do have

Photoshop you guys

exactly have the exact thing that I'm

going with so right here in the top bar

next to type and next a filter there's

gonna be a select button click that open

and there's gonna be a color range

option so it's about like eight or so

down just click that and you guys are

gonna see the sample colors you know you

can choose like regular colors so

basically all you want to do is take

your color swatch and click where you

want to delete so if let's say I want to

delete the white basically it's gonna

make what I want to delete pure white

and leave everything else black so this

is when you guys can start customizing

stuff because you guys can literally

take the fuzziness down and what the

fuzziness is gonna do when it's down

it's not gonna make the lines as sharp

I'll show you an example if I have the

fuzziness on 0 you're gonna see it's

gonna leave a big fuzzy blurry line

around everything and if I go back to

select color range and then bring it

over to let's say a hundred percent it's

gonna be a lot sharper on cuts around

everything so pretty much that's all it

is if you guys go to filter select

extrude and just select click the white

background and put the fuzziness all way

to 100

make sure you clicked on the white and

let's just say that you guys want to

just delete it all you had to do is hit

OK and you guys are gonna see the

selection kind of bars going around

everything after that's done hit control

X on the keyboard and basically you're

going to have a very crisp and perfectly

cut out logo so this doesn't stop here

you guys can do a lot more and I'll show

you a really good example of how you

guys can take out certain things so if

we go back to the color range and you

guys just click on the white if you hold

shift and click on let's just say the

yellow it's gonna basically take out

everything within the white and the

yellow and you can see that it's a

perfect excuse me a perfect crisp look

on everything and you guys can do this

literally for any mix of colors

sometimes when you do it it's going to

make the other letters you know a little

transparent but I'll show you guys it

will really quick fix to get that stuff

going so let's say we're gonna work with

the white and we're actually gonna take

out this red and we're gonna lead just

if that orange kind of feel to it so all

I'm doing is holding shift and clicking

the colors I want to get rid of click OK

and hit control X and they'll basically

take out this whole entire thing if I

add that background you can see that

it's very crisp lines and

looks very nice so now the question is

if we want to take out something and it

ends up leaving the text in a very home

low opacity how can I fix that so I'm

gonna take out just the basic letters

and stuff like that or excuse me I want

to take out the white and the orange and

basically if I take it out and take the

background off you're gonna see that the

checkerboard is going through these um

the red bowl logo along with the red

bowl bowls so basically there's a lot of

ways you guys can do it if you guys go

to filter a blending options and go to

color overlay you guys can make a color

overlay but sometimes it still leaves it

on a very bad opacity what I personally

like doing is this hitting ctrl J a

bunch of times until you see that

there's no more transparency merge them

together and there's go to blending

options and then you guys can change the

color overlay so if you want to make it

you know very nice blue and see how that


or if you guys want to mess around with

colors it's really easy to do so and

it's a really good tool to know

especially when you guys are getting

into like logo design and like you want

like a certain shape or something like

that and you guys was one of the big

mess around stuff like that basically

it's a really easy way to you know just

fix things you know get things working

together and I really hope that you guys

enjoyed this it's not so much difficult

then everyone thinks it is everyone

thinks that you're just gonna have to

pen tool it out you guys are gonna have

to use that magic eraser it's not that

basically not that hard it's just

literally a few buttons and you guys are

set so I hope you guys did enjoy this

tutorial if you did let me know in the

comments section below I wanted to make

it really short and sweet just for you

guys cuz I know I'm not being uploading

a lot of Photoshop tutorials lately it's

only been about six minutes but of

course I want you guys to start learning

the basics and I am gonna leave a

beginner you know warning in the title

of this video just because I don't want

people freaking out that it's not some

complex header I'm gonna be getting into

a lot of minimalistic stuff and a lot of

them advertising design a lot of

magazine posters so bear with me while I

get this stuff going as I said before in

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so if thank you guys so much for

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honestly insane overall guys I hope you

guys have a really nice day I go schools

tuned you guys well and I'll see you

guys later on peace out