Split, Trim and Delete Clip- iMovie

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during this video you're going to learn

how to split a clip trim a clip and

delete something so right below I

dragged in this three-minute clip of

Hurricane Matthew and let's say I don't

want the middle part of the video I'm

going to take my mouse and I'm going to

click where I want the clip to be split

into two I'm then going to use two

fingers and click and I get this menu

right here we are going to split our

clip now it is officially two different

clips if I wanted to shorten up this

clip I didn't want to have this man

talking in the end I simply just have to

have it selected in yellow and drag it

like this and I get rid of him at the

end so I can go ahead and do that let's

say I wanted the video to start from

here all I have to do to delete this

first minute in three seconds is

highlight it again in yellow and then

click the Delete key so now I've

officially split my clip I've trimmed

the end and then I've deleted a section