How to Delete / Clear Snapchat Chats in 2 Easy Ways 2018

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want to remove a snapchat conversation

from your list of chats to hide it or

simply to clean up your chats list we're

here to help I'm Jessica from tech

boomers comm and in this video I'll be

showing you how to delete snapchat

conversations in two ways now let's get


the methods will be showing will allow

you to remove one or more conversations

from your list of chats on snapchat

however this will not delete

conversations or messages within them

from the other person's device we'll

show you how to unsafe messages within

chats later in the video

for the first way to remove a

conversation from your list of chats on

snapchat find the chat you want to

delete in your list of chats then tap

and hold on the chat where it appears in

the list

a small menu should appear select


then tap clear conversation

to confirm tap clear

the conversation will then be removed

from your list if you start a new chat

with that person you'll see that any

messages you had saved are still there

to unsaved a message simply tap the

message you want to erase

if you start chatting with that person

again or if they send you a message the

conversation will be re added to your

list of chats

the only way to prevent this from

happening is to block them

with our next method you can remove

multiple conversations from your list at

once in your snapchat settings

to do this tap your profile icon or

bitmoji in the top left corner

then tap the Settings icon in the top


scroll down and tap clear conversations

then tap the X beside a conversation you

want to delete

to confirm top clear

repeat to remove any other conversations

you want to delete

that's all it takes to delete

conversations on snapchat

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