How to Delete Facebook Messenger Whole Group Chat Conversation Permanently

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hi in this video I will show you how you

can delete my face group a Facebook

group conversation so here you can see

this is I've got a group of people join

together in a good conversation so how

do you actually relate the whole

conversations so what you want to do is

the first thing you can't simply just

right-click and delete so over here on

the left hand side you can see I can

click on the Settings icon and click on

delete but this only deletes my

conversations of other people still stay

within the group so the first thing you

want to do is go to the right-hand

corner right down here so over here you

can see I'm the admin so I can control

other people's and what you want to do

is go into each member and then you can

click on the more options button right


and a pop-up will appear and you tap

click on remove from group so then click

on remove and then click on remove from

group then click on remove click on

remove from group so I'll go down each

member and then remove them from the


now once you have removed everything you

only have yourself in the group and

after that you can delete the

conversation so this is the conversation

right here and we since no one else is

no longer in this group anymore you are

the only the last person so you cannot

delete the group so you want to put on

the Settings icon here and then click on

you can also archive the group if you

don't want to delete it otherwise you

can click on delete and now you will

permanent delete the whole conversation

history so this is the proper way of how

you can delete the whole group because

because if you just delete the

conversation without removing the

members they are still a group is still

there and other people can still

chatting without you being in a group so

the best way to do it is you remove

every members in the group first and

then after that you can remove the

conversations and that's it

thank you for watching this video please

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