SLACK - how to delete a channel?

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hello everyone so how to delete the

channel on slack remember in previous

video I showed you how to leave a

channel so to leave a channel you just

need to press your icon and you can

leave on new channel but if you leave a

channel it won't be deleted all the

messages still will be available in

slack search but if you delete the

channel all these messages will be

deleted forever so in order to delete a

channel you just need to go here click

additional options and then they leave

this channel you can also give this

channel this way it can be under heaved

lighter also you can rename here and

change the channel purpose so let's just

delete the channel and are you sure you

want to delete the channel all of the

channels messages will be removed from

slack immediately and but files however

will not be deleted this cannot be

undone so let's just deleted and delete

the channel boom so it was deleted so

this is how it works thanks for watching