Delete A YouTube Channel

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if you would like to delete your YouTube

channel then stay tuned watch this video

as I show you the quick and easy steps

to do so hi there David Walsh here once

again from david walsh your

place to grow your business using

youtube in this video i'm gonna show you

how you can delete a YouTube channel

from YouTube now if this is your first

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now deleting a YouTube channel is

different from deleting a YouTube

account if you want to delete a YouTube

account make sure to click on the button

that's over there on the card and also

the link that's in the description below

if you would like to delete your whole

YouTube account as opposed to your

YouTube channel so you want to delete a

YouTube channel

maybe you've created too many maybe you

just got one there that came out of

nowhere and you don't know how it got

there and you just want to get rid of it

whatever your reason to delete the

YouTube channel we're gonna head on over

to the trusty computer as I show you how

to delete that little pesky channel so

delete your YouTube channel go to your

account by going to forward

slash account in here you'll see see all

my channels or create a new channel

click on that so here you will see all

of your channels under your YouTube

account if you don't see the channel

that you want to delete then go up to

the top right and then select the other

account that your channel will be under

once you have the correct one then you

want to go to the one that you want so

in this case we're going to delete

Joseph bananas and again we go back to

accounts and then we go to advanced

settings scroll down to the bottom of

the page to where it says delete channel

click on the delete channel pop in your

details again so here you have two

options you want to hide your content or

you want to delete your channel

permanently so if you select I want to

hide my channel it tells you what will

not be hidden what you

the channel page your channel name your

channel art your icon your likes or your

subscriptions so your content will be

hidden but your channel will not and if

we select I want to permanently delete

my content it goes the following will be

permanently deleted your comments your

replies your messages your search and

watch history as well as your channel so

check the box click on and delete my

child then we got a put in her name


click on it delete my content and then

your content is being deleted and it may

take a couple of days for it to be

permanently deleted so there you go

that's how you quickly and easy delete a

YouTube channel from your YouTube

account very easy very straightforward

but remember the content will be gone

after the set period of time so why do

you want to delete your YouTube channel

let me know in the old comments area I'd

love to know that reason maybe it is

just a stray one that popped in there

orestes you couldn't be bothered

maintaining it anymore and you just want

rid of us and as always if you have a

question about this or anything else to

do with youtube and make sure to pop

that question in the old comments area

down there and I'll do the best I can to

help you get that question answered

wanna thank you for watching this video

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