How To Delete Your Catalytic Converter!

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hey everybody welcome back to another

episode today we're gonna be hollowing

out my catalytic converter on my 2006

Nissan Altima there's a lot of reasons

why people hollow out their catalytic

converters but one of the main reasons

is to gain more horsepower now the way

you gain horsepower by emptying out a

calender converter is because in a

catalytic converter there's like a

honeycomb shape in there that filters

the exhaust gasses so as you guys can

see in this catalytic converter there's

a little light right there and that is

actually the other side of the catalytic

converter but it's so restricted with

all these fibers in there so by removing

these fibers you allow more air to pass

through the exhaust system and in return

if you're able to release more air you

should be able to take more air in which

creates horsepower one thing that I

wanted to let you guys know is that this

is actually illegal in most states so

make sure that you are following your

state laws and regulations when you do

this before a hollow out my catalytic

converter let me go ahead and show you

guys an exhaust clip



we're gonna first start off by jacking

up the vehicle and supporting it with

jack stands now that we have the car

supported we're gonna go underneath the

vehicle and start hauling out the

catalytic converter these are some of

the tools that I'm gonna use to hollow

out my catalytic converter I'm gonna be

using a long flathead a big hammer and a

piece of pipe we're gonna start off by

removing this fastener right here

there's one on this side and then one on

the other side so that this pipe is Matt

underway I'm gonna put a bungee cord on

it and push it to the side guys so right

here we have the catalytic converter

that I showed you outside of the vehicle

this is the exact same one and as you

guys can see on the catalytic converter

you really can't see anything in there

everything is clogged up with the

honeycomb fibers in there so all of that

is gonna be really restrictive and the

air is not gonna flow as freely as it

should in order for us to hollow out the

catalytic converter I'm gonna be using

the fly head and all I'm gonna pretty

much be doing is breaking up the

honeycomb fibers in here and then I'm

just gonna get a hammer and just start

hammering it away before we start

hollowing out the catalytic converter I

wanted to let you guys know that this is

actually a unmetered catalytic converter

meaning that the o2 sensor is not

measuring this catalytic converter and

its efficiency so it's fine to remove

the honeycomb fibers in here and it

won't throw a code




guys so this is the progress so far as

you guys can see we made a hole through

the catalytic converter now we just

gotta go around it and break everything

down and then as you guys can see

there's a lot of debris on the bottom

that is falling from the catalytic

converters so we're gonna make sure to

not make a mess and catch that in the




guys in front of me have a Walmart bag

with the leftover parts of the catalytic

converter as you guys can see we

hollowed it out I just need to finish

cleaning everything up but we can

actually see through the exhaust right

there we're gonna put everything back

together and we're gonna hear how the

exhaust sounds with this being hollowed

out guys so we finished putting

everything back together let me show you

guys an exhaust clip of how the car

sounds with the gutted catalytic

converter if you guys did like this

video please make sure to give me a

thumbs up and I'll catch you guys in the

next one peace ah

you know