How to Delete Trello Cards, Lists and Boards

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if you are ever curious as to what other

people are searching and asking

questions about you can always go to and start typing in some

keywords and just the other day I typed

in Trello how to and look at what came

up at the very top of the list how to

delete a list how to delete a card how

to delete a board it looks like a lot of

you are curious not how to necessarily

archive them but how to get rid of them

for good so in today's video I'm looking

at all three of these things how can we

delete lists cards and boards within


hello everyone Scott Friesen here at

simple tivity helping you to get more

done and enjoy less stress and here we

have a sample board sample board number

two actually that I'm not afraid to

delete at the end of this video so of

course when it comes to Trello there's

basically three key terms that we need

to know boards lists and cards so let's

take a look at each of them in order to

see how we can delete those items so

let's start at the smallest form and

that of course is a card here's a card I

no longer need so how do we go about and

deleting this card well you may be

already familiar with archiving you see

that a lot within Trello and I think

it's a smart move maybe you made a

mistake maybe you want to go back and

still search for a card or information

within the card so we can hit archive

here if we want we can click on the card

and of course near the bottom we have an

archive button as well now as soon as we

hit that button you will notice at the

top it's telling us that this card is

archived even in the background I can

already see it's been removed from this

list but there is a red delete button so

this is how we go about and permanently

delete this card so if I never want to

see this card again I can hit the delete

button it's gonna ask me one time am I

absolutely sure and then I can hit that

delete button and it is gone for good

but why don't we look at another example

there within the card in case we want to

archive something and go look for it



I know a lot of you are also wondering

about that - where does it go exactly

when I hit the archive button so in this

card I'm gonna hit archive as well it's

telling me that the card is archived if

I click out of here actually maybe

there's one more thing else I'll say is

that if you need to send it back you can

always hit this button here send to

board but let's close this card and it's

gone and let's say what we do want to go

back and retrieve it where do we go well

it is searchable if we want to search

for it but an easier way I think is to

go into the show menu and number one you

can look at your activity so here's the

card that we just archived it tells me

that I archived it I can select it here

and now I'm right back in the card i can

hit Send to board and I've brought it

right back there it is back in the list

but let me archive it once again and

click out of here so here it is in my

Activity Feed but there's another area

which may be more useful to you and that

is if you select the more option you can

select archived items and here you can

see because this is a sample bar - hey

only have one that I've archived at this

point here I can see that card again so

I can click on it if I want to look at

the details or I can send it back to the

board immediately or here's another way

in which you can delete that card in

this example I'm just gonna say center

board again and there we are back in in

list number one alright so let's move on

to lists now of course here's a list

let's say list number two and let's say

I no longer need it but maybe I want the

information within it I can archive it

you'll see that there's no option here

to delete there is a difference between

archiving all cards in this list and

archiving this list right if I select

this option it's just gonna archive all

of the cards the list will remain the

same but if I select the last option

archive this list it is gone right it's

removed from this board now what if I

want to go back and delete the list well

here's the catch you can't actually

delete lists I'm gonna repeat that one

more time deleting a list is not

currently possible within Trello however

if we do want to go back

and re send that list or have that list

reappear in this board we can go back to

our menu we're back to archive let me

just show you that one more time

archived items but you will notice that

we need to select this link to switch to

lists and here is list number two it's

important that you notice the switch two

cards we don't have any archive cards at

the moment and switch to lists so now

here is list number two and my option is

to send it back to the board there it is

it's back on the board but I can only

archive this list it's not actually

possible to delete that list so

something that you learned hopefully has

a part of today's video all right last

but not least let's take a look at

deleting a board and again by default

Trello is going to encourage you or at

least as a first step

have you archived the board so if we go

back to menu and select more we can come

down here and say closed board now

closing the board is very much like

archiving the board if I select that I

can reopen the board by clicking the

boards menu from the header selecting

view closed board finding the board and

clicking reopen okay so I'm going to

select closed in this case so it's

telling me that it is closed I can

reopen it by this link here but here is

our option if we want to permanently

delete the board if we never want to go

back and find those cards look at those

lists or rearrange anything we can

select permanently delete the board one

more warning it's good right it's good

to have a number of warnings it's good

to have red colors red buttons to make

sure we know what we're doing but I can

hit delete and now that one is gone it's

out of the way so there you have it how

to delete a card how to almost delete a

list and how to delete a board I hope

that you found today's video useful and

I hope that you give this video a like

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