How To Cancel A Sale On Poshmark

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what's going on everybody Cooper the

reseller coming at you from Omaha

Nebraska and I just wanted to hop on

here make this quick video how to cancel

a Poshmark sale now I don't recommend

canceling Poshmark sales if you can

avoid it because it's not a good look

for your account people say if you

cancel too many sales that Poshmark

could ban you or suspend you for a

certain amount of time but in my case I

have not experienced this I've had to

cancel a handful of orders over the past

couple months and years I would say

however long I been on Poshmark and

nothing has happened but I do try to

keep it to a minimum

but in case you need to cancel a

Poshmark order for whatever reason it

could be that youso on multiple

platforms and it's sold on another

platform and then its hold on Poshmark

so you need to cancel it let me show you

how to do that pretty easily right here

so right now I'm just into my basic feed

screen as you can see you got to go down

here below my camera to your page which

is a choir fire hit that twice for me on

the bottom right below my camera face

and then once you get to this screen

you're gonna go to my sales what should

you see where that was my sales right

here below my head my sales and then

here you can see your sales so I'm just

gonna go to this first one and once you

get here you'll see at the bottom

problems slash order inquiry right below

my head right here and that's what

you're gonna want to click so I'm going

to click that and then you have some

options delayed shipment or lease

payment cancel or sent the wrong item or

contact customer support this is where

you would cancel the order right under

my head the third option hit cancel


now this orders already been shipped so

cannot be cancelled but that is where

you have the option and then you should

have a few different options for your

reasoning and why to cancel the order I

would be honest with your reasoning

I know one of them is you don't have the

item you can either click that or

there's a few different reasons and

there's also I think in other section

where you can type out a little note

which I've done that in the past and I

said I'm extremely sorry for this iyx

gently sold this item on another

platform if you see anything else on my

closet I'd give you a great deal on it

just let me know I've sent that to

people that I've cancelled on before

it's never turned into another sale but

it's it was worth giving it a shot I

don't even know if they get that message

or Poshmark just gets the message but

it's a thing you can do you can consider

doing so yeah once you do that it should

cancel every cancellation is subject to

my mom's taxing me subject to Poshmark

approval so keep that in mind but every

time I've requested the cancellation

it's always gone through so should be

pretty easy nothing to worry about there

let me know if you have any other

questions on canceling a Poshmark

order if you got any value in this video

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reselling related content and I'll catch

you guys in the next video peace