Teespring Tutorial - How To Delete Shirts And Storefront

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what's up guys body here in today's video we're

going to dive into

how to edit your storefront on teespring

how to edit your teespring storefront

and then how to delete uh products or

shirts or whatever it is that you've got

and how to also delete storefronts so

this is something that i get asked all

the time i thought i'd throw together a

quick video

showing you how to do it bit of a

tutorial and yeah it's pretty easy let

me show you guys how it's done

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all right so here we are on the computer

guys let's just jump straight into it so

if we're going to go to edit listings

just go up here and click down and go to


as you come down and you've got listings


we'll just go this top one here and then

all you're going to go to

is this here that's that little pencil

and that is going to be your edit button

as you come into this section you can

see that you can change the title you

can change the description

you can change what the url is and so

that is what's going to come up here


and you can play with the currency

settings as well when you make any

changes like this

make sure you hit save because that is

something that people do they'll make

changes and then they'll leave the page

and they haven't hit save and then

they'll wonder what's going on so down

the bottom here it's going to give you

available products and it's going to

give you two different prices here

based on worldwide and based on u.s

price so

if it's in the eu it's going to be one

price in the other it's going to be

the u.s price so you can set that to

whatever you want

and then what it's going to give you

here is also the default side so you can

have it set to the back side if you

wanted to

or the front side of the shirt because

maybe you want to show off the back side

of the shirt for some reason maybe

you've got a cool design on there

a lot of you guys are just going to edit

and post all of your things on the front

side of the shirt so you probably don't

need to worry about that

so you just hit save once you make your

decision on that part as well

now one thing that people get confused

with here with teespring

is how do you delete a shirt so you

can't actually

edit the shirt as such they haven't

brought that feature in yet

so let's say you want to get rid of a

shirt and you can't find it in here

because you won't find it so what you

want to do is go to store fronts and

find that shirt so we'll just go to

store fronts here

so as you can see here in this demo

store a couple of store fronts here so

let's go to this one

and when you hover over this you'll see

that there's

actually a edit icon up here as well so

edit store icon so we're going to click

on that

now when we come into this you can see

this is the storefront

and if you come to products here

just click on that and once you've

clicked on that you can actually see

that it's got a delete button here so

a lot of people get confused on how to

find that so that's your delete button

there to get rid of it

and then if we go back this is the next

thing that people get confused with

how do they delete a storefront that

they don't want because if we go back to

that other page

it doesn't actually show you that too

well either

so if you had your storefront and you're

trying to figure out how to delete it

you'd be wondering

will you click through that pencil again

to edit store

and then you come down here and go to


and then it's actually down here so

that's how you find delete store because

that is a question that i've had

multiple times now

how do i delete my storefront if you've

got a storefront that you don't want

anymore or

you accidentally created you just come

in and delete it from there

and this is another way that you can

change your url up here like i was

talking about before so this one's

stores slash gamers world for the fours

on the end because obviously someone had

game as well and

that's pretty much showing you how to do

that and that's it nice quick video

today guys i hope that helps some of you

out i know that this is a question that

i've had a few times

people get confused on how to delete

listings and how to delete storefronts

so this is something that i thought i'd

quickly throw together

because it is a question that i get a

lot in the youtube comments and a lot in

the facebook group so

i hope that helps you out if you enjoyed

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