How to end a GoFundMe Campaign - 2019

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somebody asked me how do you end a

GoFundMe campaign so the first thing

that you want to do is you want to go to and this is the screen

that will open up or similar and this is

only for the PC I'm not sure exactly how

it's done using a mobile device okay so

first thing you wanted to obviously is

sign in because you're gonna cancel the

campaign that you had going you'll

either sign in with either however you

start at the campaign or either your

Facebook or you go count or if you use a

email I use the Facebook so I'll just

sign in with Facebook and then here it

goes immediately to the campaign what

you wanted though is you want it click

right on here edit so you click on edit

and over here you'll see additional

options so you left us at that and then

scroll all the way down to the bottom

and you should see a red deactivate

campaign now I want you to know that

there's three ways to deactivate it this

there's one way which just kills it

completely as if it never existed you

may not want to do that because you want

to keep track of maybe in two three

years you want to send out another thank


so all the people who helped you out so

this is the one that I decided to

deactivate campaign and what will happen

is you may still have money in there so

if you do get this message you know hit

the withdrawal button and there will be

a confirmation 2-step verification so

you'll have to do this okay view

withdrawal overview okay so you'll click

on that and then see the withdrawal

history and there's no next withdrawal

there's nothing here okay

the last withdrawal was here so there's

you can see the actual withdrawals that

you have may have done okay but now go

back to overview we'll have to how do we

get back to that screen started ah okay

I'm gonna head back on my browser okay

I'm just hitting back on my

browser and let's hit back the sucks

sorry about this mistake okay

so what did we do we start it head back

one more time

edit additional options scroll down to

the bottom

deactivate campaign deactivate what now

we know that there was no ad Ross that's

what we just did so we checked it there

were no what's wrong I mean it showed us

the withdrawals but there's no money

sitting there cuz this could be a little

bit scary so you want to make sure that

you read this if you do this it didn't

do it this time for me for this video

but when I first did the test and I

clicked on withdraw it did give me a two

step verification sending a six or five

digit code to my phone which I had to

put in my I think many of you are

familiar with that process when 2-step

verification process has done with many

many companies online companies so

anyway so we just checked that you saw

there was nothing left so now we could

go to deactivate without withdrawal

because there was nothing to withdraw

and we recommend posting a final

campaign this was just you know so

people know I'm not gonna continue with

this because I haven't thought of what I

should write here just now post your

update and or you can oh here

okay deactivate without an update I'll

do that if you are sure you want to

deactivate the campaign just type in

confirm CE o and f RM and deactivate the

campaign campaign has been deactivated

okay so now it hasn't been killed

completely you still will have access to

it so you know if you have one look at

your donors and the future and stuff I

hope that this helps some give a thumbs

up or not or whatever alright or