How to pause, resume, or remove an AdWords campaign

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With AdWords, you decide when to start and stop your ad campaign.

In this video, we’ll show you how to pause, resume, or remove a campaign in your account.

Click “Try it now” on-screen or in the Youtube description to follow along in your

account, or follow the steps as we show them here:

Once you’re signed in to your AdWords account, go to your Campaigns tab.

In the status column, you’ll see an icon showing the current status of your campaign.

To pause an enabled campaign, just click the green dot to the left of the campaign name,

and select Paused.

If you want to resume a paused campaign, click Enabled in the same dropdown menu.

To permanently stop a campaign, click Removed.

Once you remove a campaign, it stops running for good, so make sure you’re certain before


If you think you might want to enable this campaign again in the future, just go ahead

and pause it instead!

You can also change the status for multiple Campaigns at once.

Just click the box beside the status for every campaign you want to change.

Then, click Edit and choose the option you want from the dropdown.

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