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hey guys so if you're visiting this page

or this video you're probably wondering

how to get rid of your Yelp account so

this video is going to show you just

that I'm going to go over how you can

remove your personal account from Yelp

I'm also going to go over how you can

remove a business account and in

addition to all of that I will also talk

to you a little bit about the reasons

why you might not want to remove a Yelp

account and the things that you can do

to begin managing your online reputation

so let's get started

okay so the first thing we're gonna do

is we're going to close our personal

Yelp account so if your Yelp or you're

going to begin by locating the login

button once you go to Yelp comm you

click login once you've logged in what

you're going to want to do is look at

your profile and you can look at some of

the reviews that you've already written

you know if there's any information that

you want to take down from your Yelp

account you could do that now remove any

pictures not that it's necessary

necessarily but this might be just good

practice to do prior to closing your

account if you don't want any

information to be left you know under

your name you know for any businesses

okay so the next thing you're going to

do is go to account settings and as you

can see there's really no way that you

can remove your Yelp account in account

settings if you scroll down there's

nothing so what you're going to want to

do is from there you go to support and

again here it still isn't easy to find

um you don't see anything that says you

know you know account closure so what

you do is what I do is you go to the

search support and you type in closed

account and one of the first things that

comes up and you just I do I close my

account you can click on that and since

you are a Yelper and you want to close

your account you click on the submit and

account closed closure with us so again

what will happen is it's going to ask

you why you're closing your account so

we'll just say I don't use it

you said or I don't want it what one or

whatever your reason is so I'm just

putting I don't use Yelp that often and

I'm going to send it and it says we're

sorry to see you go a confirmation

message has been sent to your email

address click on the link in that

message to confirm that you wish to

close your account so now I'm going to

go to my email so now you're going to

just click on this and you have then now

you're going to close your yep

to close your Yelp business account

you're going to do essentially the same

thing you will scroll down to the bottom

of the page when you're on Yelp calm and

you will find the support hyperlink

click the support hyperlink you will be

redirected to a support page in the

search bar at the top of the page enter

the words closed account and hit the

button to the right which says search

support in the search results that come

up then click on how do I close my

account you will then be taken to

another page under the section that says

business owners you can click the

hyperlink that says unclaimed page

although this does not actually remove

your business listing it does remove

your ownership of the business listing

now if you want to remove your business

listing you're going to have to appeal

to you this can be a little bit of a

tiresome process but sometimes they will

grant you the right to remove your

business listing

if you are a local business owner

removing your Yelp profile could mean

forfeiting a whole lot of your online


sure the bad reviews may not be there

anymore but you wouldn't have as much

visibility online with or without bad

reviews Yelp draws attention and traffic

to your business

you can see some of the mind-blowing

metrics for yourself by visiting Yelp

comm forward slash facts sheet Yelp had

approximately a hundred and seventy six

million monthly users as of June 2019

this is a very big deal so why not focus

on managing the bad reviews instead of

getting rid of Yelp with reputation

management services bad reviews can be

managed in a way that supports your


so if you want to gain control of your

online reputation and leverage the

traffic you can get from Yelp online rep

management services might be a good

choice for your business I hope you

learned a lot from this video whether

you choose to delete Yelp or not it is

definitely a personal choice however

maybe you could make a more informed

decision now that you know the value of

having a Yelp account