How To Use Yahoo! Fantasy 2020 Tutorial

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what is up guys welcome back to their

episode of fancy spartan and in today's

video I'm gonna be teaching you guys how

to use Yahoo fantasy alright so the

first thing you want to do is click on

the app obviously and load it up so it's

nice to make a profile when you first

get in here but I'm not gonna do that

already made a profile obviously alright

so what I'm gonna be teaching you guys

how to do is how to get a team first off

second off I'm gonna teach you how to

create a league and the settings

involved with that and third I'm gonna

teach you how to draft a team's you can

click the links right in the top of the

description of where you need to go in

the video alright so first things first

how to get a team alright so what you're

gonna do is scroll down to where it says

fantasy football and you're gonna click

Add team and who says in blue letters

click Add team right there

alright so as this fantasy football and

you can okay let me clear one thing up

early so if your friend sends you a link

and is inviting you to join their team

their league I guess you cannot do that

directly from the app you need to do

that from the link they send to you

however if you're trying to join a

publicly business where you do it

so says it's going public Lee at the top

you can click dropped later or you can

click drop now I'm just gonna click drop

now and alright so I'm just going to

leave this league but this is what will

appear and it will take you to a draft

Lobby shortly alright so let's go ahead

and leave this right here alright so

that's how you join a league alright how

you create a leave now is let's go to

the same spot you click Add team and

then on the bottom it says create pipe

privately cuz you click on that right

there and you can name it whatever you

want so I'm gonna call mine fantasy

Orton alright just go with that for now

alright League type so this is where you

can adjust your elite type your drafts

type your drafts date all right here I'm

have to make that one actually make this


all right just some random time it's

leaks in to be deleted by the time the

video comes out so no reason kind of

joint points per reception you can

adjust that and you can adjust whether

or not there is a flex play in your leak

so we go and create that leak

alright so now we are currently in the

leak so there's a lot of stuff you can

do as the Commissioner of the leak so

it's gonna all be on this page you're

going to go all the way to the right

where it says League on the bottom right

and then go down where it says edit

League settings so this we're gonna


a lot of the stuff and your league on

how it works all right so the first

thing you're going to do is go to the

week settings right here and you can add

a logo you can add the league's name

here you can edit how many teams are in

your league here as well there's lots of

stuff you can do in here you couldn't

decide whether to make your league cup

uh publicly viewable I guess what it

says right there and yeah there's just a

ton of stuff you can do in here that's

very useful for your fantasy football

seasons all right let's go back in here

now and alright and there's a lot of the

stuff you can do in here you can draft

and keepers here's where you can change

the draft time if you see that I saw

that right there you can adjust win and

how you would like your draft to take

place so that's very very useful if you

did not like your original drafts of

time all right well there's a ton of

other stuff in here that on time to get

to it's not super report for the rest of

it but yeah if I miss anything about

that one in the comments below

I'll answer any questions you guys have

about how to be a commissioner in Yahoo

fantasy alright so moving on to the next

thing we have how to draft a team all

right so I'm just gonna go ahead and hop

in a mock draft so if you how to do a

mock draft just scroll down to the

bottom of your team's and click practice

with a mock if you see that right there

speak on that and I'm just gonna go

ahead and join one of these NFL mock

drafts and just gonna fast-forward this

time real quick and we'll get to the

draft momentarily all right we have made

it into the draft Lobby all right so

this is gonna be the page that pops up

when you're getting ready to draft your

team all right so there's a lot of

statistics on here very complicated so

how this is gonna work is on the middle

is gonna show you basically the best

players available to add to your fantasy

football team if you go to queue right

here you can see all the players that

you would like to drop later so you

click start like if you if I let's say I

like Christian McCaffrey a lot I can put

in my queue on Derrick Henry all right

so these guys know my queue so when it

comes time for me to draft my players it

is much easier for me to get them

alright so that's how you put people in

your queue the draft order this is just

gonna show you the draft order for this

upcoming mock draft obviously this to be

more full if it is their real draft for


alright so results this is where you can

see what you need to draft for your team

so out for example one quarterback two

wide receivers two running backs tied in

and you have a and yeah it was

pretty much it also when you draft your

players it will go take them directly to

the results page check this is where you

can talk some smack talk with the other

players in the lobby but yeah that is

pretty much it I hope this video is open

to help you guys out if you guys have

any questions or anything that I missed

about Yahoo fantasy leave them in the

comment section below and I'll answer

any questions that you guys may have

about how to use this app but yeah I

guess I'll see you guys