How to delete Bluetooth phone pairing on Honda infotainment system

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we're here in a Honda Fit and it's

sometimes not obvious with the Honda and

entertainment system how you delete

stored Bluetooth settings so if you go

in here and go to your settings earlier

your Bluetooth this option here and new

device may be grayed out because if you

look in the connect an audio device

section there's only six spaces

available from your phones now I've

actually deleted one but if there was

six here you would see six and then you

go here back to add new device it would

be grayed out and there's no option and

it's not obvious how you would from here

delete one of these pre-saved mobile

phone connections and the way you

actually do it is absolutely

counterintuitive so you would actually

have to press the phone button it says

there are no phones connected would you

like to connect the phone and instead of

saying if you click yes it does give you

that same list that we're going through

frustratingly and before you will able

to add a new device actually delete it

of a device from that list press the

phone button no then you go to phone

setup Bluetooth setup and then you

scroll down for delete device and then

you can select each of these devices and

let's clear it all up for the next

driver of this car

you repeat click no phone set up

bluetooth set up the leader device and

then you can keep undulating until all

the phones that you don't want on your

system anymore

actually gone