How to Delete an Unwanted Blank Page in Word 2013 or 2016

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hey everyone welcome back to 365 ninja

today I'm going to go through some

strategies on deleting unwanted blank

pages in Word 2013 so you can see that I

have a document here and if I scroll

down I have actually two blank pages and

then my fourth page has text on it so

the most basic solution is to go to your

unwanted blank page we zoom out a little

bit so here's my last blank page I'm

going to click as close to the

bottom-right as I can wherever my cursor

lands is the very end of my unwanted

blank page and I will simply press my

backspace button until I get rid of the


you can see that worked so if that

simple solution does it for you awesome

now it's definitely possible that that

didn't work so another solution is to go

to your View tab select navigation pane

and you can see the pages that you have

that are blank in my case it's 2 & 3 so

I can select the page and press my

Delete key delete press Delete again

until my blank pages go away

all right if you've still got a blank

page another possibility is to go to

your page Layout tab click margins and

then select custom margins click the

Layout tab and in the drop down menu

next to section start select new page

and click OK now as you can see that

didn't do anything to my blank pages so

one really important tool for figuring

out why your pages are blank is

selecting this show/hide paragraph marks

because that will show you exactly

what's on your pages that may not

actually be blank so what that does for

me here is show me that I have a page

break and close out of my navigation I

have a page break after my text here and

on my first supposedly blank page I have

another page break and on my last

supposedly blank page I have some spaces

and a page break so what I can do when I

have my paragraph symbols showing is

select everything click delete select my

page break click delete and I can even

select my page break here at the end of

my text click delete now I don't have

any blank pages as you can see I just

have one page now I wasn't able to see

those page breaks when I didn't have my

paragraph symbols showing

all right now let's say that those

options didn't actually help with my

deleting a blank page because I have a

table at the end of my document or at

the end of the section before the blank

page there is a function in Word to

automatically insert a paragraph after a

table and that can result in a blank

page so you can't actually delete the

inserted paragraph but you can make it

extra extra small so it doesn't cause a

new page to be displayed what you'll do

is with the paragraph marks turned on

like I have here select that last

paragraph and just go change the font

size to size one click enter and now

your paragraph is teeny tiny so

hopefully it deletes that blank page if

that didn't work you can change the

spacing around the paragraph select the

paragraph symbol pop out your paragraph

dialog box here on the indents and

spacing tab change this spacing before

and after to 0 change your line spacing

to single and click OK and if those two

options for hiding the paragraph after

the table didn't work you can actually

hide the paragraph with the symbol

selected you'll launch the font dialog

box top it out here and from this font

tab select hidden and click OK and that

last resort should hopefully work for

you so we went through a bunch of

troubleshooting steps that you can go

through if you have a blank page and

here's two more harmonious Word

documents in the future for more tips

and tricks like this one please check

back with 365 ninja calm