3 ways to delete unwanted blank page in Word [2007/2010/2016] | Delete page in word

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In this video today we will see how to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word.

Now if you want to know how many pages you have you can check here.

1 of 2 that means I have two pages.

So, this is the first page and if I go down, this is the second page.

Now I will show three ways by which you can delete blank page in Microsoft Word.

The first way is go to second page and you need to the top of the second page and then

what you do, press the backspace of your keyboard.

So, once you press it for 2-3 times, the second page will be deleted.

If you see here now there is page 1of 1.

That means there is single page only.

Now let me show you the second way.

The second way is to click on this icon here.

This is show paragraph icon.

So, once you click on it, what you do, you see there is an option here "page break".

Just select it and then press the delete key.

Once you do it there will be only one page.

If yo see here there is only page 1 of 1.

Once you do it, click on this icon again and the symbols will be hidden.

Now the third way to delete the blank page is, go to "view".

Go to navigation page.

Go to "pages".

There are two pages here.

So, if you want to delete any page, select the page and then press the backspace key.

The page will be deleted.

So, these are the three ways by which you can delete blank page in Microsoft word.