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hi everyone welcome to my channel if

you're interested of knowing how I will

see all of these stuff for my baby

completely free just keep watching this

video we are expecting baby number two

it's a girl and we are so true and

excited I did register in all the places

that I know of we have the Amazon baby

registry the baby list the newbie box

the Papa baby target all of those

registries are here and Walmart as well

and they sent you free stuff or

sometimes you have to pay for shipping

that is like five six dollars only but

you do receive a lot of things and

goodies instead of you going and

spending your money in the beginning

because he might be too early that you

don't want to chop around you will be

able to register and get this stuff for

free and just get things going on your

nursery so let me just show you what I

received and all the links of all the

boxes that I register for our down below

so you can follow the links make sure

you register and give them some time two

to three weeks sometimes the one where

Fox takes longer but you will receive

them I will put all the information and

instructions of how to do it down below

in the description box if you have any

questions leave them down below

and let me just show you really fast

what's in here blistered with the

diapers the diapers are crazy the amount

of diapers that you receive these are

all Huggies diapers special delivery I

absolutely love them and I think these

are the ones I'm gonna be using for my

baby girl we also discovered these are

cutie diapers in the warmer box we have

five of them size one and then we have

size one for diapers from pampers with

the wet indicator here and these are

super soft and nice as well and we have

two diapers here from the honest company

as well now let's move on to all the

works that I received these are pamper

wipes they

our six in this little travel packs we

have water wipes one two three four five

travel packs here and these are perfect

for the beginning of like your baby's

life because you should be using just

water to clean their butts that way they

don't get like a reaction to the

chemicals of the otherwise we also have

honest company wipes and I can mention

all the other boxes if you haven't seen

those videos or will link them down

below as well

there are wet wipes pouch like this this

one is from orchid hearts the cactus

love you will be able to put your

favorite brand of wipes in here they

open on the side you refill it and

you're good to go instead of carrying

the whole big pack of wipes we also have

another print called forest love this is

very very pretty

let me just show you here it does not

have a secret you can open it like this

you refill them and you're good to go

you receive two of them for the price of

20 free shipping and they are perfect to

carry your favorite brand of wipes when

you're done using this one or you might

want to put this ones here as well

because it will keep them moist if you

don't use them in the beginning you

don't go out out of your house too often

if you leave them in here they might get

dry if you put them here they will

stable me show you next all the breast

pads when you receive you're gonna use

this once no matter what you need breast

pads if you're breastfeeding and even if

you're not in the beginning your milk

will calm and you might want to put

these on your bra so you have tons of

them you're gonna need to go more

perfect so you have a lot of a lot see

know you have different brands here that

you might want to try and maybe you like

them more so I put them all in this bag

then you have a lot of breast milk bag

storage you just like if you decide to

pump and you put your personnel here put

it on your freezer you're good

for three to six months under when

you're I don't know it's time for you to

take a break you can just leave two out

for the person that's taking care of

your baby so they can fit the baby

we have Lance Ino and then we have these

nano baby bags as well so I have a few

in here the other thing we received was

pacifiers certain babies up don't take

the same pacifiers and others so I have

a lot of different brands in here

this is our favorite and our son took

this one studies the man pacifiers you

might wanna keep this ones as well this

one is a mine as well but you see you

have two three you have this one from

bull that is very pretty

I wish done hope she takes this one cuz

it sounds so pretty

anyway let's see we have this one I

don't remember what brand is it we got

this is another man pacifier right here

and then this one right here just want

to believe yz9 oh the bay as well I

don't know if I'm saying it right but

this one is very pretty as well and I

just put them in this bag just to keep

them all together when it's time to use

them we can bring them to the hospital

in case you don't want to use that big

green one that they give you there we

receive a lot of bottles as well as you

may know you might like some babies

don't like certain bottles so it's good

for you to have one of each instead of

just buying a lot of these friend you

don't know if your baby's gonna like

this brand so these boxes are good for

that you receive one up and bottle I

have here the boom bottle the city looks

pretty cool it's actually my silicone

and then this part is plastic here it

looks pretty white I like this one

then we have the Evan flow bottle and we

have the famous dr. Brown bottles right

here that are supposed to be super good

for babies that are like in formula or

drinking bottles all the time because

the tubes help you with the colic or gas

relief for the babies now that we're

talking about bottles let me just show

you this cute bottle I found on Amazon

or actually it was byebye baby I believe

it is super pretty I think it's hola

baby the brand they come in two colors

and it's like peach actually in three

colors in peach in clear or in a

midfield full color I pick two of them

just in case I'm gonna try these ones

first and then if not we'll move on

today free ones that they sent me in

this box the next thing that I see a lot

that we received was these from pampers

is big changing pads that you might

wanna keep one in your car one upstairs

if you have a two-story house one

downstairs they do come handy one in

your diaper bag so I have three of them

and they're pretty big and easy to clean

this is how it looks and they're

actually padded - it's good for newborns

we receive a blanket in the Amazon box

this is a swaddle blanket with zebras is

very pretty I like see-through and

breathable up hearts I received them in

the warmer box they are very pretty and

like let's say your baby's one month

open you just wanna take a picture and

keep track of how thick they grow and

how different they look every month you

can it also comes with this one I walk

today I quote today

I stood up today and today I you think

this still whatever you want so they are

very cute we receive this one from

simple joy three to six months and this

little sweater from Hanes 0 to 6 months

we also will keep detergent to wash all

those clothes you

one two three four packs of trap and

then one of all in the warmer box and

you see two pamphlets of the cocoa

butter formula for stretch marks we got

these apps app sprint milk flow now that

this daily pads for mommy we have two in

here then we have a pack of single hand

sanitizers that are perfect for your

diaper bag

make sure you stay healthy intern

pregnancy and after as well you have two

packs of baby wipes a bogey wipes for

the baby when they're safe have great

water we have some theater pain relief

here for your kids when those teeth are

coming out and then all of these stuff

here is creams and lotions and shampoos

that you will be able to try we have set

up feel here aquaphor and then we also

get this aqua for a little pamphlet here

with cream healing ointment we've also

got Johnston's of Johnston's a people

don't usually like this ones but I love

their bottles actually so I will keep

them for traveling or maybe if you don't

want to use this brand just empty this

bottle and then put anything that you

want in it because they are so cute and

little I'm perfect for traveling or

going to your mom's house and give the

baby a bath there these are perfect the

Abbey no baby daily moisture lotion we

have this baby bomb moisture lotion as

well I didn't know they have baby

products but I really like this brand

then those baby that now has a baby line

as well the honest company we have the

baby shampoo body wash on the face and

body lotion

they began exposure lotion here last but

not least I picked and put o on the side

all the coupons that I might be

able to use so we have tons of coupons

even for the dishwasher that I'll be

able to use now we have honest company

we have receive a yummy a gift card for

like $35 these are coupons from

Starbucks Starbucks from Target and then

Huggies pampers we have tons and tons of

coupons that you will receive so just

put them all in one place just to make

sure before you go to the store you will

be able to use them and then these

beautiful magazines for bye-bye baby as

well and the breastfeeding basics from

Encino and event and that's it if you

have any questions let me know in the

comments below I hope you enjoyed this

video if you did don't forget to thumbs

up subscribe to my channel if you

haven't already and I will see you in my

next one bye