Undo a Reconciliation in Quickbooks Online!

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hello so I created this video to help

you out there because it took me forever

it's gonna figure this out

going through forms and and also talking

to support

so maybe just watching this video you

don't have to deal with all that

basically from my pain and suffering so

get right to the point so by default as

a login for QuickBooks you can't really

reconcile or I'm sorry undo a

reconciliation here I'll just show you

so as you can see we're in accounts I

totally screwed up my reconciliation so

I want to go back and and look at I'm

doing some of that so I'm in the screen

and go to history and like okay well I

need to undo this I click on it wait a

minute they're supposed to be an undo so

you wouldn't even know about this

there's not even an option is I'm grayed

out it doesn't exist but it should exist

right people talk about it and post

about it and where the heck is it so the

trick is you have to have an accountant

login so or essentially your accountant

can access this and undo and I guess the

thought process is is that they don't

want us every day newbie users to be

able to undo their reconciliation right

heaven forbid so how do you fix that

well you just go into your year option

go into manage users go to accounting

firms and send yourself an invite on a

different email address so maybe another

email address that you use seven an

invite create the account and then what

happens and I so I started up chrome in

a in a incognito mode so then I was able

to log in as the you come and as you can

see here these are the records I click

on this and I am good undo him do and

then it gives you this warning are you

sure yes now are you really really

really sure sure I'm

do and there you have it so hope this

helps a poor soul out there because it

took me a while to figure this out and

now you don't have to spend hours trying

to figure this out you get it all it

takes is a late 10-15 minutes so hope

that helps and I'll talk to you next

time bye