How to Delete Backup From iCloud on iPhone X/8/7/6 or iPad iOS 12/11 Free Up Storage

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yo what is going on guys Drake here with

semi mock bones official YouTube channel

and in today's video we have a tutorial

for you guys proud to delete your iCloud

backups on your iPhone this works for

any iPhone and in the iOS version 10

through 12 let's get right into it so


the first thing that we're going to want

to do is open up our Settings app and

next we're going to click our Apple ID

at the very top and bring up our iCloud

settings now once you click iCloud then

you will see all of the iCloud storage

and how it's being used as it will come

up in a minute here and it's actually

very simple for this tutorial so just do

what I do and you will have it done in

no time

so as we as you can see we have a iCloud

storage plan right here and what we're

going to want to do is click manage

storage now we're going to find our

backups now depending if you already

have a backup or not I actually have two

backups so we're going to delete one of

our old ones to show you as in the video

here and it tells you now all we're

gonna do here is click on the backup

that you want to delete and click delete

now this is very easy and if you are

getting errors that your iCloud storage

is full or you need to free up space

then this is a very easy way to do it

delete your old backups then you can

also store your new backups on your

computer you have one it'll be a lot

easier but if you don't have a computer

you can still store it and iCloud once

you free up storage so that's going to

do it for this video guys we just want

to show you guys how to free up iCloud

storage space by deleting your backups

if we did help you guys in this tutorial

at all please leave us a thumbs up and

subscribe to the channel signing out

this Drake with some of our foam I'll

catch you guys in the next one peace