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what is up you guys welcome back to the

channel my name is nick

in today's video i'm gonna be sharing

with you six ways we save

big money on our baby registry through

amazon and then at the end i'm gonna

show you how to create one

i'll show you step by step everything

you need to do to create your own

amazon baby registry i'll also leave a

link down below for some items

that we put on our baby registry that we


we just could not live without and if

you find this video helpful in any way

at all be sure to subscribe because i'm

going to be putting out lots of great

content showing you how to save money

make money and manage money so for those

of you that are not subscribed you

wouldn't know this but we actually

just had our first child it has been an

absolutely amazing experience i love

being a dad

i love being a parent it is just

seriously seriously it's just like the

greatest thing in the world

and if you clicked on this video because

you two are expecting i just want to say


you could do this you'll be an amazing

parent is is just seriously the greatest

thing ever

if you're trying to figure out which

registry service you want to use

i'm going to share with you why i think

amazon is the way to go

so let's get started there are six

benefits that you can enjoy while using


amazon baby registry and the first one


the welcome box the welcome box has

several different items included in it

that are really

awesome in order to redeem your welcome

box all you have to do is complete at


80 percent of your baby registry which

simply just means

adding items to your checklist and the

different areas

that you'll be buying things like

diapers cribs

car seats all that stuff you just

complete 80 of their checklist

and then once somebody makes a purchase

of at least 10

you'll be eligible to redeem your

welcome box the next thing we're going

to talk about is the completion discount

this discount is eligible only for the

things that you put on your registry

that did not get purchased

unless you have 500 family members and

friends chances are

there will be some items that don't get

purchased on your baby registry

in our case for all the things that

weren't purchased we were eligible to

get a 15

discount on all these items when we

purchased them through our own

registry which is super sweet if that's

a thousand dollars of things that didn't

get purchased

that you now have to buy that's a

hundred and fifty dollars in savings

now you only get fifteen percent of a


when you have amazon prime if you don't

have amazon prime then well

you only get 10 percent and if you don't

have amazon prime yet

what are you doing just go ahead and get

it pay for it

it's like the best thing in the world i

can order things at like 11 o'clock at

night and it's there the next day

if you want to sign up for amazon prime

i'll leave a link down below

go ahead and click on it it'll take you

right to amazon's page and you can sign

up for amazon prime

the next thing i want to talk about is

the diaper discount

if this is your first child then let me

let me tell you what

you're going to use a lot of diapers

you're going to use diaper

after diaper after diaper there's been

times where we've literally changed our


and then we pick them up and we're

holding them and we walk downstairs and

all you hear is

and you just sit there and look and you

just think about all the diapers that

you've gone through and

it's it's a lot with the amazon diaper


you can get up to 20 off of select


when you buy them through amazon in

order to unlock this perk

all you have to do is have 500 worth of

items be

purchased from your baby registry which

i know 500

probably sounds like a lot but in all

reality that's a crib

and if you get a cheaper crib that's a

crib in a car seat

and you're at your 500 already now

unfortunately this isn't an

unlimited discount it does cap out once

you hit

up to 60 dollars in discounts but what

that means is you get to save

60 dollars on diapers which let me tell


is a lot of money when it comes to

diapers the next thing i want to talk

about is actually only exclusive

for prime members if you're a prime

member and you create your baby registry

then you get

access to this perk if you're not then

i'm sorry you don't but hey go ahead and

click the link and sign up for amazon


amazon will offer different discounts on

different things at different

times so this isn't set in stone if

you're watching this video a year from


chances are it has probably changed but


the deal that they have going on is 15

off of different types of prints

things like photos and pictures of that

sort and hey

if you're going to be taking newborn

pictures and one month old pictures and

two month old pictures and 3 700 day


whatever it is people take lots of

pictures of their babies when they're


this could be really great you'd save 15

if you get them through amazon

the next thing we're going to talk about

is the diaper fund and yes

i said diaper fun most of my videos i

talk about having an emergency fund

which is money specifically set aside

for emergencies and things of that

nature if you're watching this video and

you don't know anything about personal

finance be sure to check out some of our

videos that will link above

but this is a diaper fun meaning

instead of a bunch of people showing up

with random different diapers

to your party let me tell you what it

gets pretty annoying if you're set on a

certain brand

at your baby shower you're going to get

30 different brands 30 different sizes

and it gets pretty crazy with the diaper

fun it allows your

your participants your family and your

friends to just

contribute a dollar amount towards your

diaper fund

and then you can buy diapers at your own


and at the own brand that you want trust

me it is

so much nicer to be in control of what

diapers you get

the last thing i want to talk about is

the baby registry

sweepstakes and although this isn't

something that you're guaranteed to get

but hey i figured i would include it in

this video because

if you sign up for it and you win you're

probably not gonna be mad at me

and unfortunately amazon is only doing a

giveaway for the month of september

and october for the year of 2020. but my

assumption is

is that once this expires they'll roll

out with some new type of promotion

they'll probably keep this going on the

current giveaway is worth

twenty five hundred dollars and the only

thing you have to do to be eligible

to apply for this is create your baby


and then add one of their chico products

chico is a brand that makes baby

products things like

you know car seats strollers yadda yadda

just add one of their products equaling

up to 75

and you'll be eligible to enter into the

sweepstake and there you have it those

are six different ways

that you could really really benefit

from an amazon baby registry

we have absolutely loved and enjoyed

using amazon because

when people purchase a gift it can come

just directly to your house

one day shipping it is so so amazing

so now i'm going to show you guys how to

sign up for the amazon baby registry

the first thing you'll do is go down to

the description of this video

and click the link if you have an amazon

account this page will pop up

and all you need to do is click create

baby registry

if you don't have an account you'll need

to make one

then once on the next page you will just

simply fill out this information

and then once you have all this

information filled out to what you


you just click create


then there you have it all you have to

do at this point is start adding things

to your registry checklist

and then send the link to your friends

and your family

this makes it really easy for relatives

that you have that live in different

states or maybe even different countries

they can access your baby registry click

the button

pay for it and it's shipped right to you

remember to check out some of the links

that we have down below of just a few

items that we've put on our baby


people bought them for us and they've

seriously been amazing and remember if

you don't have amazon prime yet

get it seriously you're gonna love it

you can order hot cheetos and nutella

late at night and it'll be there the

next day so in the conclusion of this

video i just want to say congratulations

i really hope to have an amazing time

being a parent sometimes it's the worst


and most of the times it's the best day

it's going to be stressful at times

but stick with it you guys will do great

i hope that this has been a blessing to

you guys and i hope you do pick amazon

for your baby registry

because let me tell you what you will

save money and it is such an amazing

amazing service so i just want to say

thank you guys so much for watching and

hope you have an amazing day or night

whenever you're watching

god bless you all