How To Delete / Uninstall Apps On Iphone 7 / 7 Plus -

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what's up you guys idiot flip tronic so

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to

delete apps on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7

plus so you might actually be running

into a problem and I'll show you guys

what I'm talking about

sometimes when you hold down on an app

you'll get this share option that'll

come up and I'll show you why it's doing

that so you know the harder you hold

down on an app that you want to delete a

lot of the time it's going to come up

with a share option the reason this is

happening is because of an option in

your settings so we want to do you guys

it's going to your settings click on

general click on accessibility and then

go to 3d touch alright 3d touch try

turning it off and then go back to your

home screen

alright now let's just hold down on an

app and then it will pull up the little

delete option then you just gotta click

the X but the reason this is happening

is because there's a different touch

sensitivity going on with you know when

you're getting ready to delete an app

you can see there's 3d touch sensitivity

you can change light medium and firm

let's just try turning to firm and see

what happens with that so you're getting

kind of the same thing the lighter you

hold down on the app and this is enabled

the more you'll be able to get the

delete option to come up but if you want

to just turn off the 3d touch option in

your settings then you won't run into

the problem of you know deleting an app

and it'll be that easy anyways you guys

pretty tricky pretty frustrating if you

guys are having a problem with that but

thanks for watching this video please

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