How to Delete Apps from iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 16gb 64gb 128gb

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hey guys on today's we don't want to

totally apps from your iPhone 6 or 6s

it's actually the same thing for your

iPhone 5 4s any iPhone for that matter

we all delete them the same way anyways

all you guys have to do is actually just

hold on to an app so don't do your 3d

touch so if you have an iPhone 6s you're

going to have that 3d touch so let me

just show you what 3d touch is so that's

3d touch right so we want to avoid 3d

touch don't make that extra a press that

you do with your 3d touch just hold your

finger on top of an app and so they

start to wiggle once they start to

wiggle you're going to get those X's on

the sides and then you can actually

delete that app so I can just delete

this one by pressing that X and then

delete and there we go it's over so

that's how you do it once again 3d touch

you're only hung enough that problem if

you have 6s which is not a problems just

getting used to and for those of you who

have an iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 or

whatever don't worry about it

you're gonna be able to do it right away

anyways that's it for this video

tutorial if you guys have any questions

comments you can write them down here

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